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2024Markups, profit shares, and cost-push-profit-led inflationNikiforos, Michalis; Grothe, Simon; Weber, Jan
2024Economic possibilities for our grandchildren: 90 years laterBibow, Jörg
2024The estimation of production functions with monetary valuesFelipe, Jesus; McCombie, John S. L.; Mehta, Aashish
2024The Swedish monetary system from a balance sheet perspectiveEhnts, Dirk; Ora, Jussi
2023Euro interest rate swap yields: A GARCH analysis Tanweer Akram (Citibank) and Khawaja Mamun (Sacred Heart University (SHU))Akram, Tanweer; al Mamun, Khawaja Abdullah
2023Has the time for a European job guarantee policy arrived?Antonopoulos, Rania
2023Contractionary effects of foreign price shocks (and potentially expansionary effects of inflation)Nikiforos, Michalis; Grothe, Simon
2023An inquiry concerning Japanese yen interest rate swap yieldsAkram, Tanweer; al Mamun, Khawaja Abdullah
2023A stock flow ecological model from a Latin American perspectiveNalin, Lorenzo; Rojas Rodriguez, Leonardo; Pérez Caldentey, Esteban; Alatorre, José Eduardo; Yajima, Giuliano Toshiro
2023Rentiers, strategic public goods, and financialization in the peripheryPorcile, Gabriel; Lima, Gilberto Tadeu
2023Structural change and gender sectoral segregation in sub-Saharan AfricaZuazu-Bermejo, Izaskun
2023The macrodynamics of Indian Rupee swap yieldsAkram, Tanweer; al Mamun, Khawaja Abdullah
2023Chinese yuan interest rate swap yieldsAkram, Tanweer; al Mamun, Khawaja Abdullah
2023Monetary policy and the gender and racial employment dynamics in BrazilCouto, Patricia; Brenck, Clara
2023CBDC next-level: A new architecture for financial "super-stability"Bossone, Biagio; Haines, Michael R.
2023Is anything left of the debate about the sources of growth in East Asia thirty years later?Felipe, Jesus; McCombie, John S. L.
2023Economic transformation and growth in the Philippines: An analysis of political settlements, rents, and dealsFelipe, Jesus; Desher, Edgar; Miranda, Brendan
2023The impact of climate change on the Palestinian sectoral reallocation of laborHallaq, Sameh; Daas, Yousuf
2023When Minsky and Godley met structuralism: A stock-flow consistent approach to the currency hierarchyNair, Nitin
2023Can it be prevented this time? The role of profits in banking regulationEsposito, Lorenzo; Mastromatteo, Giuseppe
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1041