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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020From Finance to FascismDoerr, Sebastian; Gissler, Stefan; Peydró, José-Luis; Voth, Hans-Joachim
2019Burning Money? Government Lending in a Credit CrunchJiménez, Gabriel; Peydró, José-Luis; Repullo, Rafael; Saurina, Jesús
2018International financial integration, crises and monetary policy: evidence from the Euro area interbank crisesAbbassi, Puriya; Bräuning, Falk; Fecht, Falko; Peydró, José-Luis
2020Macroprudential Policy, Mortgage Cycles and Distributional Effects: Evidence from the UKPeydró, José-Luis; Rodriguez-Tous, Francesc; Tripathy, Jagdish; Uluc, Arzu
2020Production and financial networks in interplay: Crisis evidence from supplier-customer and credit registersHuremovic, Kenan; Jiménez, Gabriel; Moral-Benito, Enrique; Vega-Redondo, Fernando; Peydró, José-Luis
2019Global Liquidity and Impairment of Local Monetary PolicyFendoglu, Salih; Gulsen, Eda; Peydró, José-Luis
2018Household Credit, Global Financial Cycle, and Macroprudential Policies: Credit Register Evidence from an Emerging CountryEpure, Mircea; Mihai, Irina; Minoiu, Camelia; Peydró, José-Luis
2019Macroprudential and Monetary Policy: Loan-Level Evidence from Reserve RequirementsDassatti Camors, Cecilia; Peydró, José-Luis; R.-Tous, Francesc; Vicente, Sergio
2020Banking Supervision, Monetary Policy and Risk-Taking: Big Data Evidence from 15 Credit RegistersAltavilla, Carlo; Boucinha, Miguel; Peydró, José-Luis; Smets, Frank
2021Credit demand versus supply channels: Experimental- and administrative-based evidenceMichelangeli, Valentina; Peydró, José-Luis; Sette, Enrico