Working Paper Series, UCD School of Economics, University College Dublin (UCD)

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2022 Pennies from haven: Wages and profit shiftingAlstadsæter, Annette; Bjørkheim, Julie Brun; Davies, Ronald B.; Scheuerer, Johannes
2022 Everyday administrative burdens and inequalityMartin, Lucie; Delaney, Liam; Doyle, Orla
2022 Former employees of foreign MNEs boost incumbent workers' wages in domestic firms?Flaherty, Eoin T.
2022 The (un)importance of inheritanceBlack, Sandra E.; Devereux, Paul J.; Landaud, Fanny; Salvanes, Kjell G.
2022 The past, present and future of Euro area monetary-fiscal interactionsWhelan, Karl
2022 Fragility of the marginal treatment effectDevereux, Paul J.
2022 Temporal consistency of forecasts and data releasesBürgi, Constantin; Ortiz, Julio L
2022 Competition and innovation in the financial sector: Evidence from the rise of FinTech start-upsCaragea, Doina; Dobri, Mihai; Cojoianu, Theodor; Hoepner, Andreas G. F.; Peia, Oana
2022 Pessimism and overcommitment: An online experiment with tempting YouTube contentEk, Claes; Samahita, Margaret
2022 Corporate tax changes and credit costsDeli, Yota; Delis, Manthos D.; Hasan, Iftekhar; Politsidis, Panagiotis N.; Saunders, Anthony
2022 On the effects of intergovernmental grants: A surveyLago, Manuel E.; Lago Peñas, Santiago; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge
2022 The Irish in EnglandCummins, Neil; Ó Gráda, Cormac
2022 Gender differences in STEM persistence after graduationDelaney, Judith; Devereux, Paul J.
2022 Where do we stand with "whatever it takes"?Whelan, Karl
2022 Gender, productivity, and promotion in the Irish economics professionDevereux, Kevin; Samahita, Margaret
2022 Worker well-being and quit intentions: Is measuring job satisfaction enough?Pelly, Diane
2022 Education and credit: A Matthew effectDelis, Manthos D.; Deli, Yota D.; Peydró, José-Luis; Whelan, Adele
2022 Investment tax incentives and their big time-to-build fiscal multiplierBermperoglou, Dimitrios; Deli, Yota; Kalyvitis, Sarantis
2022 International trade effects of student migrationSpecht, Lena Susanne
2022 Rank effects in education: What do we know so far?Delaney, Judith; Devereux, Paul J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 577