FAU Discussion Papers in Economics, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

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2020 Deep reinforcement learning for the optimal placement of cryptocurrency limit ordersSchnaubelt, Matthias
2020 Does working at a start-up pay off?Fackler, Daniel; Hölscher, Lisa; Schnabel, Claus; Weyh, Antje
2020 Are groups really more dishonest than individuals?Castillo, Geoffrey; Choo, Lawrence; Grimm, Veronika
2020 Valuation ratios, surprises, uncertainty or sentiment: How does financial machine learning predict returns from earnings announcements?Schnaubelt, Matthias; Seifert, Oleg
2020 Decomposing the large firm wage premium in GermanyLochner, Benjamin; Seth, Stefan; Wolter, Stefanie
2020 Union membership and collective bargaining: Trends and determinantsSchnabel, Claus
2019 In sickness and in health? Health shocks and relationship breakdown: Empirical evidence from GermanyBünnings, Christian; Hafner, Lucas; Reif, Simon; Tauchmann, Harald
2019 Manipulation and (mis)trust in prediction marketsChoo, Lawrence; Kaplan, Todd R.; Zultan, Ro'i
2019 Owners, external managers, and industrial relations in German establishmentsKölling, Arnd; Schnabel, Claus
2019 A note on recruiting intensity and hiring practices: Cross-sectional and time-series evidenceLochner, Ben; Merkl, Christian; Stüber, Heiko; Gürtzgen, Nicole
2019 A comparison of machine learning model validation schemes for non-stationary time series dataSchnaubelt, Matthias
2019 Fixed-effects estimation of the linear discrete-time hazard model: An adjusted first-differences estimatorTauchmann, Harald
2019 History dependence in wages and cyclical selection: Evidence from GermanyBauer, Anja; Lochner, Benjamin
2019 Can market competition reduce anomalous behavioursChoo, Lawrence; Zhou, Xiaoyu
2019 Rent control, market segmentation, and misallocation: Causal evidence from a large-scale policy interventionMense, Andreas; Michelsen, Claus; Cholodilin, Konstantin
2019 Hartz IV and the decline of German unemployment: A macroeconomic evaluationHochmuth, Brigitte; Kohlbrecher, Britta; Merkl, Christian; Gartner, Hermann
2019 Do minimum wages improve self-rated health? Evidence from a natural experimentHafner, Lucas
2019 The (ir)relevance of real wage rigidity for optimal monetary policyKohlbrecher, Britta
2018 Loan supply and bank capital: A micro-macro linkageKick, Thomas; Kreiser, Swetlana; Merkl, Christian
2018 Do startups provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged workers?Fackler, Daniel; Fuchs, Michaela; Hölscher, Lisa; Schnabel, Claus
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 155
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