Working Papers "Sustainability and Innovation", Fraunhofer ISI

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2018 Transition towards socially sustainable behavior? An analysis of the garment sectorBodenheimer, Miriam
2018 Beyond technology: Towards sustainability through behavioral transitionsBodenheimer, Miriam
2018 Transition towards socially sustainable behavior? An analysis of the smartphone sectorBodenheimer, Miriam
2018 Institutional and organisational change in the German rail transport sectorGandenberger, Carsten; Köhler, Jonathan Hugh; Doll, Claus
2018 Sustainability transitions in local communities: District heating, water systems and communal housing projectsKöhler, Jonathan Hugh; Hohmann, Claudia; Dütschke, Elizabeth
2018 Business models for freight and logistics servicesMeyer, Niclas; Horvat, Djerdj; Hitzler, Matthias; Doll, Claus
2018 Sektorkopplung: Definition, Chancen und HerausforderungenWietschel, Martin; Plötz, Patrick; Pfluger, Benjamin; Klobasa, Marian; Eßer, Anke; Haendel, Michael; Müller-Kirchenbauer, Joachim; Kochems, Johannes; Hermann, Lisa; Grosse, Benjamin; Nacken, Lukas; Küster, Michael; Pacem, Johannes; Naumann, David; Kost, Christoph; Kohrs, Robert; Fahl, Ulrich; Schäfer-Stradowsky, Simon; Timmermann, Daniel; Albert, Denise
2018 A large-scale test of the effects of time discounting, risk aversion, loss aversion and present bias on household adoption of energy efficient technologiesSchleich, Joachim; Gassmann, Xavier; Meissner, Thomas; Faure, Corinne
2018 China's trajectory from production to innovation: Insights from the photovoltaics sectorGandenberger, Carsten
2018 External search strategies: The role of innovation objectives and specializationIferd, Younes; Plötz, Patrick
2018 Energy efficient technology adoption and low-income households in the EU: What is the evidence?Schleich, Joachim
2018 Consumers' evaluation of public charging infrastructure for electric vehiclesGlobisch, Joachim; Plötz, Patrick; Dütschke, Elisabeth; Wietschel, Martin
2017 Why are individuals likely to change to sustainable modes of transport like carsharing and electric vehicles? An empirical analysisDütschke, Elisabeth; Peters, Anja
2017 Giant and dwarf - China's two faces in wind energy innovationGandenberger, Carsten
2017 Transformative policy mixes in socio-technical scenarios: The case of the low-carbon transition of the German electricity system (2010-2050)Rogge, Karoline S.; Pfluger, Benjamin; Geels, Frank
2017 Free riding and rebates for residential energy efficiency upgrades: A multi-country contingent valuation experimentOlsthoorn, Mark; Schleich, Joachim; Gassmann, Xavier; Faure, Corinne
2017 Perspektiven des Wirtschaftsstandorts Deutschland in Zeiten zunehmender ElektromobilitätWietschel, Martin; Thielmann, Axel; Plötz, Patrick; Gnann, Till; Sievers, Luisa; Breitschopf, Barbara; Doll, Claus; Moll, Cornelius
2017 Die Bedeutung von Situiertheit für die praktische Konstitution von Konsultationsnetzwerken in F&ERoth, Philip
2017 Defining regional recycling indicators for metals: An extension of global recycling indicators to regional systems with open boundariesTercero Espinoza, Luis Alberto; Soulier, Marcel
2017 Anwendung der Mehr-Ebenen-Perspektive auf Transitionen: Initiativen in den kommunal geprägten Handlungsfeldern Energie, Wasser, Bauen & WohnenKöhler, Jonathan Hugh; Laws, Norman; Renz, Ina; Hacke, Ulrike; Wesche, Julius; Friedrichsen, Nele; Peters, Anja; Niederste-Hollenberg, Jutta
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 115
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