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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Price customization and targeting in many-to-many matching marketsGomes, Renato; Pavan, Alessandro
2018 Information management and pricing in platform marketsJullien, Bruno; Pavan, Alessandro
2018 Price customization and targeting in platform marketsGomes, Renato; Pavan, Alessandro
2018 Strategic abuse and accuser credibilityDi Pei, Harry; Strulovici, Bruno
2017 Mediated truthStrulovici, Bruno
2017 Matching auctionsFershtman, Daniel; Pavan, Alessandro
2016 Strategic renegotiation in repeated gamesSafronov, Mikhail; Strulovici, Bruno
2015 Equilibria in health exchanges: Adverse selection vs. reclassification riskHandel, Ben; Hendel, Igal; Whinston, Michael D.
2015 Contract negotiation and the coase conjecture: A strategic foundation for renegotiation-proof contractsStrulovici, Bruno
2015 Social experimentation with interdependent and expanding technologiesGarfagnini, Umberto; Strulovici, Bruno
2015 Collective commitmentRoessler, Christian; Shelegia, Sandro; Strulovici, Bruno
2015 On the design of criminal trials: The benefit of three-verdict systemsSiegel, Ron; Strulovici, Bruno
2015 Beyond correlation: Measuring interdependence through complementaritiesMeyer, Margaret; Strulovici, Bruno
2015 Sequential markets, market power and arbitrageIto, Koichiro; Reguant, Mar
2015 Loans on sale: Credit market seasonality, borrower need, and lender rentsMurfin, Justin; Petersen, Mitchell
2015 Consumers activism: The Facebook boycott of cottage cheeseHendel, Igal; Lach, Saul; Spiegel, Yossi
2015 Power dynamics in organizationsLi, Jin; Matouschek, Niko; Powell, Michael
2015 Narrow networks on the health insurance exchanges: What do they look like and how do they affect pricing? A case study of texasDafny, Leemore; Hendel, Igal; Wilson, Nathan
2014 Shadow risks and disastersMinor, Dylan
2013 Do prices and attributes explain international differences in food purchases?Dubois, Pierre; Griffith, Rachel; Nevo, Aviv
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 145