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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Policy- v. Individual Heterogeneity in the Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation: Evidence from a Stated-Preference SurveyAlberini, Anna; Šcasný, Milan; Bigano, Andrea
2016Preferences for Energy Efficiency vs. Renewables: How Much Does a Ton of CO2 Emissions Cost?Alberini, Anna; Bigano, Andrea; Šcasný, Milan; Zverinová, Iva
1998Strict liability as a deterrent in toxic waste management: Empirical evidence from accident and spill dataAlberini, Anna; Austin, David H.
2017The Benefits of Avoiding Cancer (or Dying from Cancer): Evidence from a Four-country StudyAlberini, Anna; Šcasný, Milan
2001The willingness to pay for mortality risk reductions: A comparison of the United States and CanadaAlberini, Anna; Krupnick, Alan; Cropper, Maureen; Simon, Nathalie; Cook, Joseph
2011Smart meter devices and the effect of feedback on residential electricity consumption: Evidence from a natural experiment in Northern IrelandGans, Will; Alberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto
2008Redeveloping derelict and underused historic city areas: Evidence from a survey of real estate developersRosato, Paolo; Alberini, Anna; Zanatta, Valentina; Breil, Margeretha
2013Can Property Values Capture Changes in Environmental Health Risks? Evidence from a Stated Preference Study in Italy and the UKGuignet, Dennis; Alberini, Anna
2013Free Riding, Upsizing, and Energy Efficiency Incentives in Maryland HomesAlberini, Anna; Gans, Will; Towe, Charles
2007Valuing the Cultural Monuments of Armenia: Bayesian Updating of Prior Beliefs in Contingent ValuationAlberini, Anna; Longo, Alberto