31st European Regional ITS Conference, Gothenburg 2022

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31st European Regional ITS Conference (Gothenburg 2022)
Gothenburg, Sweden, 20th – 21st June 2022

"Reining in Digital Platforms? Challenging monopolies, promoting competition and developing regulatory regimes"

There are many benefits associated with ICT. The pandemic has vividly demonstrated the benefits of ICT, which enabled many activities to go online. Without widespread ICT availability and adoption, it would not have been possible for large parts of economies to work from home or for students to be educated online . And online shopping, which among other things has allowed groceries to be ordered remotely, has grown in popularity in many countries. Quite simply, without ICT the pandemic would have been very different experience. But there are also problems. Many ICT markets are highly concentrated, with one large company dominating the market. These 'winner takes all' (or most) markets are driven by network effects and scale economies, where large numbers of users generate competitive advantages that are difficult for rivals to overturn. It is perhaps no surprise that four out of the five most valuable companies globally are technology based, with Apple and Microsoft currently being capitalised at over $2 trillionaire apiece. The growth of Amazon, which has catapulted its founder, Jeff Bezos, to become the world's richest man, overtaking another tech company founder in the process. As tech companies have grown and increased in value, the resources available to them have multiplied. Many of the leading tech companies have engaged in frequently and ambitious M&A activity, acquiring through what is often described as a 'Pac man' strategy their rivals, actual or potential. Through these purchases tech companies have sought to entrench their positions, thereby strengthening their dominance in markets.

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2022 ICT in Zambia – Green Informatics on Strategies and Technological InnovationsKapatamoyo, Musonda; Mbumwae, Victor
2022 Analysis of use of shared data for smart parking services in SwedenMarkendahl, Jan
2022 Co-investment in the sharing of Telecommunications InfrastructuresJeanjean, Francois
2022 International Variation in Regulations Related to Initial Coin Offerings: Preliminary Findings and A Research AgendaKshetri, Nir
2022 Quality-adjusted price changes on the Hungarian mobile market between 2015-2021Pápai, Zoltán; Nagy, Péter; McLean, Aliz
2022 My Browser is not a Billboard: Experimental Evidence on Ad-blocking Adoption and Users' Acquisition of InformationFourberg, Niklas; Tas, Serpil; Wiewiorra, Lukas
2022 The dynamic effects of competition on investment: the case of the European mobile communications industryBahia, Kalvin; Castells, Pau
2022 Legitimacy challenges of local private 5G and beyond networks in EuropeGisca, Oxana; Matinmikko-Blue, Marja; Ahokangas, Petri; Yrjölä, Seppo; Gordon, Jillian
2022 Towards an integrated process for digital transformation: 5G and beyond based smart transportation systems in cities and regionsJurva, Risto; Outila, Tarja; Matinmikko-Blue, Marja; Merisalo, Virve; Jutila, Johannes
2022 Spectrum Policy on Broadband Market To Reduce Digital Divide and Promote Market CompetitionTang, Xin; Howell, Bronwyn
2022 Relationship between Innovation and Corporate Performance in Japanese SMEs by Two-stage Panel Data Analysis: Focusing on the Joint Effect of ICT and R&DMatsuzaki, Taisuke; Shigeno, Hidenori; Taher, Sheikh Abu; Tsuji, Masatsugu
2022 A Model for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Diffusion Simulation in the European Vehicle FleetDegrande, Thibault; Vannieuwenborg, Frederic; Verbrugge, Sofie; Colle, Didier
2022 Health literacy and the voluntary adoption of the new normal in COVID-19: The case of JapanCheng, John W.; Mitomo, Hitoshi; Kamplean, Artima; Seo, Yongkyoung
2022 Spatial Econometric Analysis of the Digital Divide in Thailand at the Sub-District Level: Patterns and DeterminantsSetthasuravich, Prasongchai; Sirikhan, Kulacha; Kato, Hironori
2022 Is disruption the second time around harder to do? The entry of Iliad into the Italian telecommunications marketYang, Shengxing; Vialle, Pierre; Whalley, Jason
2022 Why would the users of Google's cloud services intend to switch to alternative services?Lim, Chulmin; Kim, Seongcheol
2022 Forecasting a telecommunications provider's market shareKanellos, Nikolaos; Katsianis, Dimitrios; Varoutas, Dimitrios
2022 Regulating Algorithmic Learning in Digital Platform Ecosystems through Data Sharing and Data Siloing: Consequences for Innovation and WelfareKrämer, Jan; Shekhar, Shiva; Hofmann, Janina
2022 Scenarios for the Industry 4.0 ecosystem developmentHarno, Jarmo
2022 What Should Economists Know About the Cloud? A Literature Review on Digital EconomicsLeka, Enxhi
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 66
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