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Krämer-Eis, Helmut
Block, Jörn
Botsari, Antonia
Diegel, Walter
Lang, Frank
Legnani, Davide
Lorenzen, Solvej
Mandys, Filip
Tzoumas, Ioannis
EIF Working Paper No. 2022/82
European Investment Fund (EIF), Luxembourg
The EIF VC Survey, the EIF Private Equity Mid-Market Survey, and the EIF Business Angels Survey (the largest combined regular survey exercises among General Partners and Business Angels on a pan-European level) provide an opportunity to retrieve unique market insights. This publication is based on the results of the 2022 VC Survey, conducted by the EIF with the support of Invest Europe. The paper focuses on the market sentiment as well as the impact of the current geopolitical situation and difficult macroeconomic environment. The study looks at the current situation, developments in the recent past and expectations for the future. It highlights substantial challenges, but also opportunities as perceived by survey participants. The main results are summarised and compared over time. The publication provides a valuable picture of the developments in the VC market in 2022 as well as an outlook for the near future. The EIF Working Papers are designed to make available to a wider readership selected topics and studies in relation to EIF's business. The Working Papers are edited by EIF's Research & Market Analysis and are typically authored or co-authored by EIF staff or are written in cooperation with EIF.
Working Paper

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