Working Paper Series, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

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2019 State disinvestment in higher education: The impact on public research universities' patent applicationsZhao, Bo
2019 Fiscal multipliers in advanced and developing countries: Evidence from military spendingSheremirov, Viacheslav; Spirovska, Sandra
2019 Estimating the marginal propensity to consume using the distributions of income, consumption and wealthFisher, Jonathan; Johnson, David S.; Smeeding, Timothy M.; Thompson, Jeffrey P.
2019 Family characteristics and macroeconomic factors in U.S. intragenerational family income mobility, 1978-2014Bradbury, Katharine L.
2019 The impact of migration on earnings inequalityJackson, Osborne
2018 Disinvesting in the future? A comprehensive examination of the effects of state appropriations for public higher educationZhao, Bo
2018 The dollar during the Global Recession: US monetary policy and the exorbitant dutyStavrakeva, Vania; Tang, Jenny
2018 The effects of changes in local-bank health on household consumptionCooper, Daniel; Peek, Joe
2018 The pricing of FX forward contracts: Micro evidence from banks' dollar hedgingAbbassi, Puriya; Bräuning, Falk
2018 The supply side of discrimination: Evidence from the labor supply of Boston taxi driversJackson, Osborne
2018 Should the Fed regularly evaluate its monetary policy framework?Fuhrer, Jeffrey C.; Olivei, Giovanni P.; Rosengren, Eric S.; Tootell, Geoffrey M. B.
2018 News-driven uncertainty fluctuationsSong, Dongho; Tang, Jenny
2018 The ups and downs of the gig economy, 2015-2017Bracha, Anat; Burke, Mary A.
2018 What are the consequences of global banking for the international transmission of shocks? A quantitative analysisFillat Comenge, José Luis; Garetto, Stefania; Smith, Arthur V.
2018 Credit card debt and consumer payment choice: What can we learn from credit bureau data?Stavins, Joanna
2018 A concise test of rational consumer searchLee, Chloe; Luengo-Prado, Maria José; Sørensen, Bent E.
2018 Intrinsic expectations persistence: Evidence from professional and household survey expectationsFuhrer, Jeffrey C.
2017 U.S. monetary policy and emerging market credit cyclesBräuning, Falk; Ivashina, Victoria
2017 The local aggregate effects of minimum wage increasesCooper, Daniel; Luengo-Prado, Maria José; Parker, Jonathan A.
2017 Financial variables and macroeconomic forecast errorsBarnes, Michelle L.; Olivei, Giovanni P.
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 262