Working Papers, Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2024The role of MPC heterogeneity for fiscal and monetary policy in the Euro AreaAlbacete, Nicolas; Fessler, Pirmin; Pekanov, Atanas
2024Multivariate assessment of interviewer-related errors in a cross-national economic surveyOlbrich, Lukas; Beckmann, Elisabeth; Sakshaug, Joseph W.
2024Investment incomes vs. the trade balance: Is the current account still a meaningful concept?Wacker, Konstantin
2024What contributes to consumer price inflation? A novel decomposition framework with an application to AustriaSchneider, Martin
2023Are zombie firms really contagious?Ernst, Norbert; Sigmund, Michael
2023Inflation expectations in CESEE: The role of sentiment and experiencesAllinger, Katharina; Rumler, Fabio
2023Resource misallocation and TFP gap development in AustriaSellner, Richard; Pintar, Nico; Ernst, Norbert
2023Housing and the secular decline in real interest ratesKnell, Markus
2023Hawks vs. Doves: ECB's monetary policy in light of the Fed's policy stanceHauzenberger, Niko; Huber, Florian; Zörner, Thomas
2023Watching over 21,000 billion euros: Does the ECB Single Supervisory Mechanism affect bank competition in the euro area?Raunig, Burkhard; Sigmund, Michael
2023Assessing the solvency of virtual asset service providers: Are current standards sufficient?Saggese, Pietro; Segalla, Esther; Sigmund, Michael; Raunig, Burkhard; Zangerl, Felix; Haslhofer, Bernhard
2023The subjective wealth distribution: How it arises and why it matters to inform policy?Fessler, Pirmin; Rapp, Severin
2022Environmental-Social-Governance Preferences and Investments in Crypto-AssetsCiaian, Pavel; Cupak, Andrej; Fessler, Pirmin; Kancs, d'Artis
2022Third-Party Loan Guarantees: Measuring Literacy and its Effect on Financial DecisionsBeckmann, Elisabeth; Hainz, Christa; Reiter, Sarah
2022New Facts on Consumer Price Rigidity in the Euro AreaConflitti, Cristina; Faber, Riemer P.; Fabo, Brian; Fadejeva, Ludmila; Gautier, Erwan; Jouvanceau, Valentin; Menz, Jan-Oliver; Messner, Teresa; Petroulas, Pavlos; Roldan-Blanco, Pau; Rumler, Fabio; Santoro, Sergio; Wieland, Elisabeth; Zimmer, Hélène
2022The ECB Single Supervisory Mechanism: Effects on bank performance and capital requirementsRaunig, Burkhard; Sigmund, Michael
2022The new normal: bank lending and negative interest rates in AustriaBarmeier, Marcel
2022Pension Entitlements and Net Wealth in AustriaKnell, Markus; Koman, Reinhard
2022What can CBDC designers learn from asking potential users? Results from a survey of Austrian residentsAbramova, Svetlana; Böhme, Rainer; Elsinger, Helmut; Stix, Helmut; Summer, Martin
2022The Wealth Distribution and Redistributive Preferences: Evidence from a Randomized Survey ExperimentAlbacete, Nicolas; Fessler, Pirmin; Lindner, Peter
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 237