WTO Staff Working Papers, Economic Research and Statistics Division, WTO

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2022 Innovation and patenting activities of COVID-19 vaccines in WTO members: Analytical review of Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) COVID-19 Vaccines Patent Landscape (VaxPaL)Chiang, Ting-Wei; Wu, Xiaoping
2022 How do environmental policies affect green innovation and trade? Evidence from the WTO Environmental Database (EDB)Bellelli, Francesco S.; Xu, Ankai
2022 COVID-19 vs. GFC: A firm-level trade margins analysis using Kenyan dataMajune, Socrates Kraido; Türkcan, Kemal
2022 Communication break down: Typology of telecommunications provisions in regional trade agreementsMonteiro, José-Antonio; Posada, Kian Cassehgari; Tuthill, L. Lee
2022 The impact of LDC graduation on trade: A quantitative assessmentBekkers, Eddy; Cariola, Gianmarco
2022 Preference utilization in the global economy: An empirical analysisCariola, Gianmarco; Lanz, Rainer
2022 B2B e-commerce marketplaces and MSMES: Evidence of global value chain facilitation?Ladrière, Maxime; Lundquist, Kathryn; Ye, Qing
2022 Applying import-adjustmed demand methodology to trade analysis during the COVID-19 crisis: What do we learn?Auboina, Marc; Borino, Floriana
2021 The evolution of gender-related provisions in regional trade agreementsMonteiro, José-Antonio
2021 The impact of services liberalization on education: Evidence from IndiaNano, Enrico; Nayyar, Gaurav; Rubínová, Stela; Stolzenburg, Victor
2021 Trade finance, gaps and the covid-19 pandemic: A review of events and policy responses to dateAuboin, Marc
2021 Trade costs in the global economy: Measurement, aggregation and decompositionEgger, Peter; Larch, Mario; Nigai, Sergey; Yotov, Yoto
2021 COVID-19 and global value chains: A discussion of arguments on value chain organization and the role of the WTOBacchetta, Marc; Bekkers, Eddy; Piermartini, Roberta; Rubinova, Stela; Stolzenburg, Victor; Xu, Ankai
2021 The WTO Global Trade Costs Index and its determinantsRubínová, Stela; Sebti, Mehdi
2021 WTO accession and growth: Tang and Wei ReduxBrotto, André; Jakubik, Adam; Piermartini, Roberta
2021 Intellectual property and digital trade: Mapping international regulatory responses to emerging issuesMeier-Ewert, Wolf R.; Gutierrez, Jorge
2021 Hold the line: The evolution of telecommunications provisions in regional trade agreementsMonteiro, José-Antonio
2021 Africa's integration in the WTO multilateral trading system: Academic support and the role of WTO ChairsSmeets, Maarten
2021 "Agricultural products" and "fishery products" in the GATT and WTO: A history of relevant discussions on product scope during negotiationsPene, Cédric; Zhu, Xiaolu
2021 Assessing the supply chain effect of natural disasters: Evidence from Chinese manufacturersLängle, Katharina; Xu, Ankai; Tian, Ruijie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 287
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