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2024The household cash-flow effects of monetary policy in Denmark and the euro areaBovin, Andreas; Jørgensen, Mia Herløv; Kuchler, Andreas; Larsen, Jacob Wiberg; Læssøe, Marcus Bjerregaard; Otte, Alexander Meldgaard
2024Trends and cycles in the Danish economyWeissert, Christoffer Jessen
2024Currency hedging and the Danish pension sectorSteffensen, Sigurd Anders Muus; Jensen, Birthe Merethe; Grønlund, Asger Munch
2023Homeowners' budgets and debt servicing capacity projectionsTang-Andersen Martinello, Alessandro; Nissen, Rikke Rhode; Meyer, Bjørn Bjørnsson
2023Housing wealth and consumption during Covid-19Andersen, Per; Borgensgaard, Pernille Valentin; Kuchler, Andreas; Meyer, Bjørn Bjørnsson
2023Pension wealth returns in Danish householdsAndersen, Henrik Yde; Bech, Stine Ludvig; Bonin, Simone Maria; Kuchler, Andreas
2023Inflation - why did it rise and what are the drivers ahead?Harr, Thomas; Spange, Morten
2023Vil enden på ECB's opkøbsprogrammer få betydning for det danske realkreditmarked?Belling Sørensen, Christian; Stenfeldt Madsen, Magnus
2023Refinancing behaviour by homeowners in Denmark when mortgage rates riseAndersen, Henrik Yde; Grenestam, Erik; Læssøe, Marcus Bjerregaard; Otte, Alexander Meldgaard; Steffensen, Sigurd Anders Muus
2023The role of marginal workers in Danish unemploymentDarougheh, Saman
2023Inflation inequality in DenmarkKuchler, Andreas; Renkin, Tobias; Weissert, Christoffer Jessen
2022Pressure on the labour market during the pandemicBess, Mikkel; Hviid, Simon Juul; Grenestam, Erik; Rozsypal, Filip
2022Market concentration and the Danish rental marketGorea, Denis; Krause, Thomas; Andersen, Per
2022Looking beyond the impact of energy prices: What drives trend inflation in Denmark?Faccini, Renato; Borgensgaard, Pernille Valentin
2022Explaining the Danish-German sovereign yield spreadGrønlund, Asger Munch; Hensch, Jonas Ladegaard; Thinggaard, Simon Hetland
2022AI and machine learning in the financial sector: Five focus pointsMartinello, Alessandro; Jensen, Thais Lærkholm; Grenestam, Erik; Meyer, Bjørn Bjørnsson
2022The impact of digitalisation on Danish companies and workersDarougheh, Saman; Rozsypal, Filip
2022Højere gaspriser kan føre til lavere boligpriser i dele af landetIngholt, Marcus Mølbak; Møller, Niels Framroze
2022Inequality and savingsAndersen, Henrik Yde; Krause, Thomas; Bartscher, Alina Kristin; Kuchler, Andreas
2022Evaluating the macroprudential stance in a growth-at-risk frameworkCucic, Dominic; Yordanova, Ianna Georgieva; Møller, Niels Framroze; Søndergaard, Simon Gade
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 51