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2022 Geopolitics of electricity: Grids, space and (political) powerWestphal, Kirsten; Pastukhova, Maria; Pepe, Jacopo Maria
2022 India's rise: On feet of clay?Wagner, Christian
2022 Russia in the Arctic: Development plans, military potential, and conflict preventionPaul, Michael; Swistek, Göran
2022 China's path to geopolitics: Case study on China's Iran policy at the intersection of regional interests and global power rivalryStanzel, Angela
2022 Moving beyond targeted sanctions: The sanctions regime of the European Union against North KoreaBallbach, Eric J.
2022 Diplomacy and artificial intelligence: Reflections on practical assistance for diplomatic negotiationsStanzel, Volker; Voelsen, Daniel
2022 Eurasianism in TurkeyKınıklıoğlu, Suat
2021 France's foreign and security policy under president Macron: The consequences for Franco-German cooperationKempin, Ronja
2021 Turkey's presidential system after two and a half years: An overview of institutions and politicsAdar, Sinem; Seufert, Günter
2021 The "axis of resistance": Iran's expansion in the Middle East is hitting a wallSteinberg, Guido
2021 Cities and their networks in EU-Africa migration policy: Are they really game changers?Angenendt, Steffen; Biehler, Nadine; Kipp, David
2021 Turkish-Russian relations in light of recent conflicts: Syria, Libya, and Nagorno-KarabakhDalay, Galip
2021 Turkey and Russia: The logic of conflictual cooperationIsachenko, Daria
2021 Internet from space: How new satellite connections could affect global internet governanceVoelsen, Daniel
2021 Conflicts in UN reform negotiations: Insights into and from the review of the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable DevelopmentBeisheim, Marianne
2021 German foreign policy in transition: Volatile conditions, new momentumMaihold, Günther; Mair, Stefan; Müller, Melanie; Vorrath, Judith; Wagner, Christian
2021 Attribution: A major challenge for EU cyber sanctions. An analysis of WannaCry, NotPetya, Cloud Hopper, Bundestag Hack and the attack on the OPCWBendiek, Annegret; Schulze, Matthias
2021 Risks and side-effects of German and European return policy: Foreign policy, security and development trade-offsBiehler, Nadine; Koch, Anne; Meier, Amrei
2021 Standing on our own feet? Opportunities and risks of European self-defenceLübkemeier, Eckhard
2020 From Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific: Significance, implementation and challengesHeiduk, Felix; Wacker, Gudrun
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 207