CITYPERC Working Paper Series, City Political Economy Research Centre (CITYPERC), City, University of London

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2023Rethinking monopoly as a power relation: The shift from market to intellectual monopolyRikap, Cecilia
2023Mapping the cloud: Big Tech taking the sky by stormRikap, Cecilia
2023Rentiership and intellectual monopoly in contemporary capitalism: Conceptual challenges and empirical possibilitiesBaines, Joseph; Hager, Sandy Brian
2023Same end by different means: Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta's strategies to organize their frontier aI innovation systemsRikap, Cecilia
2023The postcolonial vortexLysandrou, Photis; Lysandrou, Yvonne
2022A gravity theory of subordinate financialisationLysandrou, Photis
2022The Evolving Contribution of R&D, Advertising and Capital Expenditures for US-Listed Firms' Growth in Sales, 1979-2018Rabinovich, Joel
2022Financial Eschatology and the Libidinal Economy of LeverageSamman, Amin; Sgambati, Stefano
2022The European Banks' Role in the Financial Crisis of 2007-8: A Critical AssessmentLysandrou, Photis
2022The rise of a rule-based transgressor elitePalan, Ronen
2022From Passive Owners to Planet Savers? Asset Managers, Carbon Majors and the Limits of Sustainable FinanceBaines, Joseph; Hager, Sandy Brian
2021Who Owes? Class Struggle, Inequality and the Political Economy of Leverage as Power in the 21st CenturySgambati, Stefano
2021Individual Accountability in International Economic Policymaking after the Global Financial CrisisPagliari, Stefano; Kovras, Iosif
2021Fiscal Policy as Credit Policy: Reassessing the Fiscal Spending vs. Private Debt Trade-OffLepers, Etienne
2021The Great Debt Divergence and its Implications for the Covid-19 Crisis: Mapping Corporate Leverage as PowerBaines, Joseph; Hager, Sandy Brian
2021IFFs and Commodity Trading: Opportunities for Identifying Risks in Energy Traders' Financial Conduct Using Groups' Corporate FilingsNesvetailova, Anastasia; Palan, Ronen; Petersen, Hannah; Phillips, Richard
2021Sand Extractivism and Its Inequalities: Elite Scripts in the Singaporean Demand for SandArdhanari, Madhumitha
2021Financialisation Reinforced: The Enduring Legacy of the Covid PandemicLysandrou, Photis; Ranjbaran, Taimaz
2020This Time Was Different: The Global Safe Asset Shortage and Shadow Banking in Socio-Historical PerspectiveLysandrou, Photis; Nesvetailova, Anastasia
2020The Spatialisation of the FutureLysandrou, Photis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 48