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Bachtal, Yassien
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Arbeitspapiere zur immobilienwirtschaftlichen Forschung und Praxis No. 42
Technische Universität Darmstadt, Forschungscenter Betriebliche Immobilienwirtschaft, Darmstadt
"Work from Home" is not a new phenomenon and has been discussed in the relevant literature in recent years. Nowadays, Work from Home arouses a special interest not only for researchers but also for organizations and society as a whole. Various research disciplines have investigated the effects of socio-demographic, psychographic, organizational, and real estate factors on work success such as job satisfaction and productivity. Mostly, these success variables were investigated separately. Such onedimensional approaches distort the reality; hence, a multi-dimensional approach is necessary. This paper reflects selected work organization and work psychology theories and models first. Thereafter, using the Job Demands-Resources model, a holistic model adapted to the specifics of Work from Home is developed. The model sets its focus on the prediction of job satisfaction and productivity regarding Work from Home.
Work from Home
Job Satisfaction
Job Demands-Resources Model
Workplace Theories
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Working Paper

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