SAIS-CARI Policy Briefs, China Africa Research Initiative (CARI), School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University

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2023From contractors to investors? Evolving engagement of Chinese state capital in global infrastructure development and the case of the Lekki Port in NigeriaZhang, Hong
2022How Africa Borrows From China: And Why Mombasa Port is Not Collateral for Kenya's Standard Gauge RailwayBrautigam, Deborah; Bhalaki, Vijay; Deron, Laure; Wang, Yinxuan
2021Development Finance and Distributive Politics: Comparing Chinese and World Bank Finance in sub-Saharan AfricaTang, Keyi
2021Private Security Companies in Kenya and the Impact of Chinese ActorsZheng, Shuwen; Xia, Ying
2021Understanding the Structural Sources of Chinese International Contractors' Market Power in AfricaZhang, Hong
2021Chinese Resource-Backed Infrastructure Financing Investments: Comparing Governance in Guinea and GhanaDing, Qianrong; Hubbard, Hayden; Larkin, Emily; Shonibare, Dawalola
2021A Comparative Analysis: Chinese and Indian Exim Bank Finance in EthiopiaHuang, Zhengli; Behuria, Pritish
2021Do Chinese Infrastructure Loans Promote Entrepreneurship in African Countries?Munemo, Jonathan
2021China's Digital Silk Road in Africa and the Future of Internet GovernanceTugendhat, Henry; Voo, Julia
2021Railpolitik: Ethiopia's Rail Ambitions and Chinese Development FinanceChen, Yunnan
2021International Development Lending and Global Value Chains in AfricaAmendolagine, Vito
2021How Zambia and China Co-Created a Debt "Tragedy of the Commons"Brautigam, Deborah
2020Debt relief with Chinese characteristicsBrautigam, Deborah; Acker, Kevin; Huang, Yufan
2020French and Chinese Business Cooperation in AfricaPairault, Thierry
2020Chinese Medical Teams: Knowledge Transfer in Ethiopia and MalawiGrande, Allison; Fischer, Sara; Sayre, James
2020How Huawei Succeeds in Africa: Training and Knowledge Transfers in Kenya and NigeriaTugendhat, Henry
2020"Africa's China": Chinese Manufacturing Investment in Nigeria in the Post-Oil Boom Era and Channels for Technology TransferChen, Yunnan
2020The Footprint of Chinese Private Security Companies in AfricaArduino, Alessandro
2020Comparing the Effects of Chinese and Traditional Official Finance on State Repression and Public Demonstrations in AfricaChe, Afa'anwi Ma'abo
2020China, Africa, and Debt Distress: Fact and Fiction about Asset SeizuresBrautigam, Deborah; Kidane, Won
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 63
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