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2022 Health, income, and the Preston Curve: A long viewPrados de la Escosura, Leandro
2022 Boomtowns: Local shocks and inequality in 1920s CaliforniaQuincy, Sarah; Gray, Rowena
2022 Urban political structure and inequality: Political economy lessons from early modern German citiesSchaff, Felix
2022 Harmonious relations: Quality transmission among composers in the very long runBorowiecki, Karol Jan; Ford, Nicholas; Marchenko, Maria
2022 Poverty in early modern Europe: New approaches to old problemsAlfani, Guido; Ammannati, Francesco; Ryckbosch, Wouter
2021 Testing Marx. Income inequality, concentration, and socialism in late 19th century GermanyBartels, Charlotte; Kersting, Felix; Wolf, Nikolaus
2021 Vanishing borders: ethnicity and trade costs at the origin of the Yugoslav marketChilosi, David; Nikolić, Stefan
2021 Paving the way to modern growth. Evidence from Bourbon roads in SpainGarcia-López, Miquel-Àngel; Herranz-Loncán, Alfonso; Tassinari, Filippo; Viladecans-Marsal, Elisabet
2021 The Sleeping Giant Who Left for America: The Determinants and Impact of Danish Emigration During the Age of Mass MigrationBoberg-Fazlić, Nina; Lampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2021 The loss of human capital after the Spanish civil warSánchez-Alonso, Blanca; Santiago-Caballero, Carlos
2021 Fringe Banking and Financialisation: Pawnbroking in pre-famine and famine IrelandMcLaughlin, Eoin; Pecchenino, Rowena
2021 Interest Rates, Sanitation Infrastructure, and Mortality Decline in Nineteenth-Century England and WalesChapman, Jonathan
2021 Inequality Beyond GDP: A Long ViewPrados de la Escosura, Leandro
2021 Sovereign Debt and Supersanctions in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Four Southeast European Countries, 1878-1913Maerean, Andreea-Alexandra; Pedersen, Maja; Sharp, Paul
2021 China, Europe, and the Great Divergence: Further Concerns about the Historical GDP Estimates for ChinaSolar, Peter M.
2021 Human capital and industrialization: German settlers in late imperial RussiaMalein, Viktor
2021 Resilience, adaptability and transformability: Danish butter factories in the face of coal shortagesTeives Henriques, Sofia; Sharp, Paul; Tsoukli, Xanthi; Vedel, Christian
2021 Ireland in a Danish mirror: A microlevel comparison of the productivity of Danish and Irish creameries before the First World WarMcLaughlin, Eoin; Sharp, Paul; Tsoukli, Xanthi; Vedel, Christian
2021 Why Covid19 will not be gone soon: Lessons from the institutional economics of smallpox vaccination in 19th Century GermanyMuhlhoff, Katharina
2021 Violence in the Viking World: New Bioarchaeological EvidenceBaten, Joerg; Benati, Giacomo; Kjellström, Anna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 225