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Karduck, Stefan
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Working paper / University of Cologne, Development Research Center 2002,1
SUMS S-U Management Service Limited acts as a service provider for MFIs and realizes a very efficient way of loan tracking by taking full advantage from computer aided processing. This process relies on customized Microsoft and Crystal products serving three main purposes: 1. Providing loan officers with accurate and up-to-date client information via the Internet. 2. Searching for defaulters in the client-database once a month. If clients in arrears are detected the system generates and posts warning letters automatically as well as informs the loan officer who is responsible for that client. 3. Delivering performance statistics on individual as well as on an aggregated level. The case of SUMS is generalized to discuss the benefits of (1) using an outsourced specialist and (2) pool client databases for efficient loan tracking – both in terms of time and costs.
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Working Paper

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