ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance, Emerald

ISSN: 2289-4365

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020Micro, small and medium enterprises' competitiveness and micro-takāful adoptionMaizaitulaidawati Md Husin; Bin Haron, Razali
2020Developing a fair currency systemHanif, Muhammad
2020The nexus between Islamic banking and industrial production: empirical evidence from MalaysiaBougatef, Khemaies; Nakhli, Mohamed Sahbi; Mnari, Othman
2020An analysis of the normative parameters of reward and risk in Islamic financeMohamed Benaicha
2020Intellectual capital in non-profit organisations: lessons learnt for waqf institutionsLaallam, Abdelkader; Kassim, Salina; Engku Rabiah Adawiah Engku Ali; Buerhan Saiti
2020Muḍārabah and mushārakah as micro-equity finance: perception of Selangor’s disadvantaged women entrepreneursIslam, Reazul; Ahmad, Rubi
2020An analysis of maṣlaḥah based resolutions issued by Bank Negara MalaysiaEldersevi, Suheyib; Bin Haron, Razali
2020A comprehensive appraisal of Sharīʿah governance practices in Malaysian Islamic banksBabak Naysary; Marhanum Che Mohd Salleh; Nurdianawati Irwani Abdullah
2020Are Islamic mutual funds exposed to lower risk compared to their conventional counterparts?: empirical evidence from PakistanNaveed, Farrukh; Khawaja, Idrees; Maroof, Lubna
2020Sharīʾah-compliant central banking practices: lessons from Muslim countries' experienceAnwer, Zaheer; Khan, Shabeer; Abu Bakar, Muhammad
2020The impact of economic blockade on the performance of Qatari Islamic and conventional banks: a period-and-group-wise comparisonAli, Abdilatif Mao
2020Evaluating ṣukūk investment intentions in Pakistan from a social cognitive perspectiveKhan, Safeer Ullah; Khan, Ikram Ullah; Khan, Ismail; Khan, Saif-ud-Din; Khan, Abid Ullah
2020Methodology of integrated knowledge in Islamic economics and finance: collective ijtihādRafikov, Ildus; Akhmetova, Elmira
2020Conventional REITs, Islamic REITs and macroeconomic variables in Malaysia: a reviewMohd Edil Abd Sukor; Abu Sujak, Zahida; Kamaruzaman Noordin
2020The effectiveness of technical strategies in Malaysian Sharīʿah vs conventional stocksLing, Pick-Soon; Abdul-Rahim, Ruzita; Said, Fathin Faizah
2020Classical waqf, juristic analogy and framework of awqāf doctrinesAbdullah, Mohammad
2020A benchmark modelling for participation-based tax increment financingVarli, Yusuf; Ovenc, Gokhan
2020The regulation of Islamic banking in MauritiusMooneeram-Chadee, Varsha
2020Developing a Sharīʿah-compliant equity-based crowdfunding framework for entrepreneurship development in MalaysiaMaya Puspa Binti Rahman; Mohamed Asmy Mohd Thas Thaker; Jarita Duasa
2020Conceptual framework of internal Sharīʿah audit effectiveness factors in Islamic banksLatifah Algabry; Syed Musa Alhabshi; Younes Soualhi; Alaeddin, Omar
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 83