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Larcher, Manuela
Vogel, Stefan
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Diskussionspapier No. DP-37-2008
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The topic of this paper is the long term development of Austrian organic farms. On basis of two serial in-depth interviews with farm families the development of 74 organic farms in Austria was reconstructed over a period of 14 years and 15 distinct farm development patterns were identified. Each pattern can be assigned to one of three empirically derived household strategies of farm families: specializing in milk production, specializing in active marketing and engagement in non-agricultural activities and to one of three directions of development in the period from 1991 to 2004 with respect to organic farming: intensification, stagnation and withdrawal.
farm household
family farm business
household strategies in agriculture
organic farming in Austria
rural sociology
farm development
qualitative research
long term perspective
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Working Paper

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