11th International Symposium "Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - Realities and Perspectives for Romania", Bucharest, 2020

ISSN: 2285-6803

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2020 Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - Realities and Perspectives for Romania. International Symposium. 11th Edition. November 2020The Research Institute for Agricultural Economy and Rural Development (ICEADR)
2020 Trends in the evolution of subsidies per hectar and per livestock unit, by classes of economic dimension of agricultural holdings, in Romania and some European countries, for the period 2007-2018Ilie, Diana Maria; Berevoianu, Rozi; Rădoi, Raluca-Alexandra; Drăghici, Manea
2020 The Business Model Canvas "Camelina omega 3 Plus"Toncea, Ion; Iordache, Mihai
2020 Efficience of Republic of Moldova stone fruit species restructuration within the condition of globalisationMladinoi, Vasile; Pîntea, Maria
2020 Researches regarding the influence of the unconventional soil tillage systems upon weeding and soybean yield, in pedoclimate conditions in the transylvanian plainCheţan, Felicia; Cheţan, Cornel
2020 Territorial dimension of wheat production in RomaniaZaharia, Marian; Gogonea, Rodica-Manuela; Bălăcescu, Aniela
2020 Impact of coupled support on the Romanian dairy cow and buffalo cow sector: A regional profile analysisGrodea, Mariana
2020 Analysis of the provitability threshold for cabbage culture in conventional and ecological agriculture system: estimates 2019 / 2020Berevoianu, Rozi Liliana
2020 Study on consumer preferences towards vegetablesNecula, Diana Maria; Bădan, Daniela Nicoleta
2020 Potential of renewable resources in Romania and the EUTurek-Rahoveanu, Petruta
2020 Analysis of the plant sector in Giurgiu county in the period 2015-2019: Gaps towards the Sud-Muntemia regionGiucă, Andreea-Daniela
2020 Considerations redarding dimensional structure of sheep and goats farms at regional levelCreţu, Diana; Chetroiu, Rodica
2020 Retrospective analysis of statistical indicators for vegetable and animal agricultural products optained in the conventional system and in ecological agricultureUrsu, Ana
2020 The effects of the accession to the European Union on the evolution of Romania's cereal sectorKruzslicika, Mihaela
2020 Technical-economic analysis of sheep and goat herds in RomaniaChiurciu, Irina-Adriana; Cofas, Elena
2020 The perception of consumers from the North-East region of development of Romania of organic produceBrumă, Ioan Sebastian; Dinu Vasiliu, Codrin; Tanasă, Lucian; Doboş, Sebastian
2020 Economic impact on the tomato production sector of de minimis aid scheme in 2020, of sanitary crisis and pedological droughtMarin, Ancuţa; Rodino, Steliana; Berevoianu, Rozi Liliana
2020 Coordinates of efficiency / inefficiency in raising sheepChetroiu, Rodica; Iurchevici, Lidia
2020 The evolution of forest coverage: Wood trade and its impact on forest functionsLup, Aurel; Ursu, Ana
2020 The competitiveness of Moldova's agri-food trade with E.U. after DCFTA implementationsCimpoieş, Liliana; Sârbu, Olga
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 56