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Abidi, Hella
Klumpp, Matthias
Lehr, Thomas
Jäger, Stefanie
FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management, ild Institut für Logistik- & Dienstleistungsmanagement
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ild Schriftenreihe der FOM No. 59
MA Akademie Verlags- und Druck-Gesellschaft mbH, Essen
Abstract (Translated): 
Pursuing effective and efficient logistics qualification requires an ex ante understanding and identification of future qualification topics. Specific methods like addressing business practice experts e.g. with the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) allow for a strategic ranking of future priority qualification topics as presented in this contribution. This was feasible due to the participation of business experts, therefore the authors are grateful for the motivation and expertise of these persons in taking part in this survey. This study is conducted within the NRW EFRE research project "MARTINA" addressing the concept and pilot implementation of logistics qualification smartphone applications in order to allow for timely on demand and on the job training of logistics employees. Future topics identified and presented here are tested within the resulting MARTINA app, e.g. safety and security, sustainability, customer orientation and understanding of global supply chain.
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Research Report

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