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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020End the lockdown? Why restrictions are being lifted too fast for some and not fast enough for othersDiehl, Claudia; Wolter, Felix
2023Die heilige Kuh des deutschen Steuerrechts: Wie sich das verzerrte Bild von der Entfernungspauschale korrigieren ließeRinscheid, Adrian; Busemeyer, Marius R.
2021The labor market integration of immigrant women in Europe: context, theory and evidenceSchieckoff, Bentley; Sprengholz, Maximilian
2023Do role models matter in large classes? New evidence on gender match effects in higher educationMaurer, Stephan; Schwerdt, Guido; Wiederhold, Simon
2021Religious practice and student performance: Evidence from Ramadan fastingHornung, Erik; Schwerdt, Guido; Strazzeri, Maurizio
2020Working from home in the Coronavirus crisis: Towards a transformation of work environments?Kunze, Florian; Hampel, Kilian; Zimmermann, Sophia
2021Social Mobility in GermanyDodin, Majed; Findeisen, Sebastian; Henkel, Lukas; Sachs, Dominik; Schüle, Paul
2021Vertrauen. Impfzugang. Radikalisierung. Unzufriedenheit. Wo die Coronakrise die Gesellschaft ungleicher machtBusemeyer, Marius R.; Diehl, Claudia; Wöhler, Thomas; Wolter, Felix; Bertogg, Ariane; Strauß, Susanne; Kulic, Nevena
2021Social compensation, retraining, shorter working hours? Citizen's social policy priorities for the age of automationBusemeyer, Marius R.; Tober, Tobias
2023Why language matters: Inequality perceptions among the Sámi in Sweden and NorwayLloyd-Smith, Anika; Bergmann, Fabian; Sapir, Yair; Yasar, Rusen; Kupisch, Tanja