PhD Series, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 The formation and persistence of perceptions statistical inference and social networksBusch, Benedikt
2021 Dynamic Conditional Eigenvalues: Inference and testing in the λ-GARCH modelHetland, Simon Thinggaard
2021 Causes of inequality in health and economic resources: Empirical essays in economicsJørgensen, Mia Herløv
2021 Essays on retirement, savings, taxation, and skill formationGarcía-Miralles, Esteban
2021 Essays in dynamic economicsMogensen, Patrick Kofod
2021 Empirical essays on the effectiveness of active labor market policies: Caseworkers, vocational training & statistical profilingBuskjær Rasmussen, Mette
2020 Essays in macroeconomics: Consumption behavior, price dynamics, and fiscal spendingLarsen, Rasmus Bisgaard
2020 How firms expand in export markets: Evidence from Danish data on exporter-importer relationships and export promotion servicesBuus, Magnus Tolum
2020 Essays in development economics: Human capital and armed conflictsBrandt, Kasper
2020 Empirical essays in macroeconomics heterogeneous firms, workers, and industriesZüllig, Gabriel
2020 Yield curve dynamics: Persistence, volatility, and the real economyHansen, Anne Lundgaard
2020 Essays on the political economy of development: Determinants of political and economic behaviorAgneman, Gustav
2020 Essays in migration economics: A host country perspective on receiving and integrating immigrantsHasager, Linea
2020 Three essays on housing markets: Price dispersion, dynamic location choices and family investmentsCarstensen, Christian Langholz
2020 Universal child policies, child development and parental behaviorHirani, Jonas Lau-Jensen
2019 Topics in urban economics: Non-market valuation and location choiceHansen, Maria
2019 Topics in economics of higher education: Choices and returnsHansen, Anne Toft
2019 Labor supply and earnings: In old age, in bad health, and across generationsHelsø, Anne-Line Koch
2019 Essays on high-frequency market microstructure: Herding and volume-synchronized probability of informed tradingRandbøll Leth, Laurs
2019 Financial frictions in a housing economy: Multiple credit constraints, internal migration, and bank runsIngholt, Marcus Mølbak
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 100