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Matthaei, Julie
Brandt, Barbara
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Working Papers / Wellesley College, Department of Economics 2001,03
This article is a wide-view thought piece which analyzes the interconnections between race, gender, and class, their transformations in recent U.S. history, and their future. It begins by analyzing the process of hierarchical dualism which underlies the economics of race, gender and class. It then discusses the transformation of race, gender and class in recent U.S. history as a progression through three semi-historical stages of hierarchical dualism: Stage 1, the Traditional Stage; Stage 2, the Modern Stage; and Stage 3, the Integrative Stage. Equality Liberation and Difference Liberation, which characterize feminist and anti-racist organizing during the present Modern Stage, are evaluated and critiqued. Then, the four Integrative Transformation Processes which characterize the emergent, Stage 3 are discussed and documented: the Gender Integrative Process, the Multicultural Integrative Process, the Social Responsibility Integrative Process, and the Anti- Inequality Integrative process.
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Working Paper

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