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2022 The international discourse on the right to development and the need to reinvigorate its implementationLi, Yuefen; Terán, Daniel Uribe; Danish
2022 The right to health in pharmaceutical patent disputesKolawole Oke, Emmanuel
2022 Les négociations au sein de l'Organisation mondiale de la santé peuvent-elles aboutir à un cadre juste pour la prévention, la préparation et la riposte aux pandémies en tant que bien public mondial?Tellez, Viviana Muñoz
2022 A TRIPS-Covid waiver and overlapping commitments to protect intellectual property rights under international IP and investment agreementsGroße Ruse-Khan, Henning; Paddeu, Federica
2022 Direito Brasileiro da concorrência e acesso à saúde no Brasil: Preços exploratórios no setor de medicamentosde Castro, Bruno Braz
2022 Escaping the fragility/conflict poverty trap: How the interaction between service delivery, capacity development and institutional transformation drives the process of transition out of fragilityDia, Mamadou
2022 A review of WTO disputes on TRIPS: Implications for use of flexibilities for public healthSyam, Nirmalya
2022 ¿Podrán las negociaciones en la organización mundial de la salud resultar en un marco justo para la prevención, la preparación y la respuesta ante pandemias como bienes públicos globales?Tellez, Viviana Muñoz
2022 Patent analysis for medicines and biotherapeutics in trials to treat COVID-19Ravi, Srividya
2022 The liability of internet service providers for copyright infringement in Sri Lanka: A comparative analysisFernando, Ruwan
2022 COVID-19 vaccines as global public goods: Between life and profitKing Mantilla, Katiuska; Carranza Barona, César
2022 An examination of selected public health exceptions in Asian patent lawsAdachi, Kiyoshi
2022 Can negotiations at the World Health Organization lead to a just framework for the prevention, preparedness and response to pandemics as global public goods?Tellez, Viviana Muñoz
2022 Marine genetic resources beyond national jurisdictions: Negotiatin options on intellectual propertyThambisetty, Siva
2022 Competition law and access to medicines: Lessons from Brazilian regulation and practiceFalcão, Matheus Z.; Gondo, Mariana; Navarrete, Ana Carolina
2022 The proposed standing multilateral mechanism and its potential relationship with the existing universe of investor: State dispute settlementDanish; Terán, Daniel Uribe
2022 Reaping the fruits of research on microorganisms: Prospects and challenges for R&D and industry in Sri LankaFernando, Ruwan
2022 Movement forward on ABS for the Convention on Biological Diversity: Bounded openness over natural informationVogel, Joseph H.; Ruiz Muller, Manuel; Angerer, Klaus; May, Christopher
2022 Two Pillar solution for taxing the digitalized economy: Policy implications and guidance for the Global SouthOvonji-Odida, Irene; Grondona, Veronica; Chowdhary, Abdul Muheet
2022 Manufacturing for export: A TRIPS-consistent pro-competitive exceptionCorrea, Carlos María; Correa, Juan I.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 180