The Journal of European Economic History, Associazione Bancaria Italiana

ISSN: 2499-8281

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020The Staffelsee inventory. Carolingian manorial economy, mobility of peasants, and "pockets of functional continuity" in the transition from antiquity to the Middle AgesEsders, Stefan
2020Immigration to Europe between emergency and integration: The case of the "land of Fires"Dandolo, Francesco; Mosca, Michele
2020Expansion, depression and collusion: The Belgian coal industry, 1901-1945Montant, Gil
2020Maximizing profits or pursuing the public good? The Bank of Spain as a central bankMartín Aceña, Pablo; Martínez Ruiz, Elena; Nogués-Marco, Pilar
2020A prominent figure in the creation of the Suez Canal: Luigi Negrelli (1799-1858)Leonardi, Andrea
2020Growth without development: The post-WWI period in the Lower Danube : perspectives and problems of Romania and BulgariaBasciani, Alberto
2020Ad impossibilia nemo tenetur. Notes on Giulio Andreotti and Europe. A rejoinderLefebvre d'Ovidio, Francesco
2020The impact of World War Two and rationing on U.K. expenditure in the short and long runFleissig, Adrian R.
2020Editor's introductory noteTedesco, Paolo
2020Financing culture and theatre: Remigio Paone between economics and politics (1899-1977)Manetti, Daniela
2020Gaining power: Rural elites in Northern Italy during the early modern periodDi Tullio, Matteo; Ongaro, Giulio
2020Deficit finance during the early majority of Henry VI of England, 1436-1444: The "crisis" of the medieval English "tax state"Brayson, Alex
2020Hans Pohl (1935-2019)Burhop, Carsten
2020Shadowing the Latin Monetary Union: Monetary regimes and interest rates in the Balkan periphery (1867-1912)Nenovski, Nikolaj; Vaslin, Jacques-Marie
2020Policies to combat organized crime in Europe: The Italian experienceMosca, Michele
2020Access to land, the agriculture trap, and literacy: Evidence from late nineteenth-century GreeceLemontzoglou, Tryfonas
2020The "flats-for-land" system in Greece: An idiosyncratic equity financing mechanism in the post-War periodPetris, Panagiotis; Dotsis, George; Alexakis, Panayotis
2020Decline and recovery of the Italian run-making district in the nineteenth century: A comparative analysis of the role of public authorities and factoriesSemeraro, Riccardo
2020Means of payment and degree of monetization: A suggestion and an application to the case of PortugalTomás, Ana; Valério, Nuno
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19