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ÖFSE Briefing Paper No. 30
Austrian Foundation for Development Research (ÖFSE), Vienna
The human capability to learn is widely regarded as one of the most important resources for achieving an environmentally and socially sustainable and equitable society. Yet, traditional institutions of learning are lagging behind in transmitting such kind of transformative skills. As for Vocational Education and Training (VET), there is still little debate on what the systemic changes of a transition to a greener economy will mean beyond the provision of specific technical skills. In this Briefing Paper, we aim at providing a critical overview of existing debates on skills for just transitions to a greener economy. In the first section, we will initially discuss the main notions of the green economies and skills discourses. Subsequently, the orthodox approach to VET will be critically analysed and we will outline suggestions for alternative approaches to sustainability and VET. In the second section, we will have a look at the policy level in summarising donor approaches and in giving a brief account of South Africa's experience investigating the responsiveness of the skills system to the green economy. Conclusions will sum up.
Green economy
green skills
vocational education and training
just transitions
transformative learning
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Research Report

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