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Toptancı, Ali İskan
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To combat food scandals around the world, Walmart, the retail giant, is trying to ensure food security in its supply chain using blockchain technology. In 2016, the Food Safety Cooperation Center was established in Walmart Beijing and plans to invest $ 25 million by 2021 to improve global food security. Leveraging IBM's Hyperledger Fabric-based blockchain solution, Walmart has successfully implemented two pilot blockchain projects: pork from China and mango from America. With an on-farm approach, Walmart's blockchain solution reduces the time to trace the origin of the mango from 7 days to 2.2 seconds. This has enabled Walmart to promote more transparency across the food supply chain. IBM defines this as "full end-to-end traceability. This research was conducted to provide opportunities to use blockchain solutions in the global food ecosystem to implement blockchain technology in the food supply chain, increase food security and reduce food waste.
Food Safety
Food Supply Chain
IBM Food Trust
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Research Report
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