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2022 A German inflation narrative. How the media frame price dynamics: Results from a RollingLDA analysisMüller, Henrik; Schmidt, Tobias; Rieger, Jonas; Hufnagel, Lena Marie; Hornig, Nico
2022 Vladimir vs. the virus - a tale of two shocks: An update of our Uncertainty Perception Indicator (UPI) to April 2022 - a research noteMüller, Henrik; Rieger, Jonas; Hornig, Nico
2022 Pressure is high - and rising: The Inflation Perception Indicator (IPI) to 30 April 2022 - a research note analysisMüller, Henrik; Rieger, Jonas; Schmidt, Tobias; Hornig, Nico
2021 "For the times they are a-changin": Gauging Uncertainty Perception over TimeMüller, Henrik; Hornig, Nico; Rieger, Jonas
2021 "Riders on the storm": The Uncertainty Perception Indicator (UPI) in Q1 2021Müller, Henrik; Rieger, Jonas; Hornig, Nico
2021 Economic Policy Uncertainty Index: Extension and optimization of Scott R. Baker, Nicholas Bloom and Steven J. Davis's search termBrandt, Richard
2021 corona100d: German-language Twitter dataset of the first 100 days after Chancellor Merkel addressed the coronavirus outbreak on TVRieger, Jonas; von Nordheim, Gerret
2021 Text mining methods for measuring the coherence of party manifestos for the German federal elections from 1990 to 2021Jentsch, Carsten; Mammen, Enno; Müller, Henrik; Rieger, Jonas; Schötz, Christof
2021 "We're rolling". Our Uncertainty Perception Indicator (UPI) in Q4 2020: introducing RollingLDA, a new method for the measurement of evolving economic narrativesMüller, Henrik; Rieger, Jonas; Hornig, Nico
2020 Expecting the Unexpected: A new Uncertainty Perception Indicator (UPI) – concept and first resultsMüller, Henrik; Hornig, Nico
2020 "I heard the News today, oh Boy": An updated Version of our Uncertainty Perception Indicator (UPI) – and some general thoughts on news-based economic indicatorsMüller, Henrik; Hornig, Nico
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 11 of 11
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