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Weerth, Carsten
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[Journal:] Customs Scientific Journal [ISSN:] 2518-1599 [Issue:] 2/2020 [Pages:] 33-49
The drug cartels of South America and organized crime have long been known to use semi-sub speedboats, Narco-Torpedoes and Narco-Submarines for smuggling cocaine from South America to Mexico and eventually to the United States of America. The drug trade is increasing strongly and organized crime is always looking for better and smarter ways to smuggle drugs into target countries. Counter-measures in the Americas in the war on drugs are the use of Anti-Submarine Technology such as Submarine-hunter Sircrafts, Submarines and Coast Guard Ships. Since the War on Drugs by the USA and other countries in the Caribbean and South and Middle America puts a high pressure on the drug cartels they are searching new pathways for delivering Cocaine to the target markets. In November 2019 fort for the first time a Narco-Submarine has been seized transporting 3 800 Kilogram Cocaine from South America to Spain. This capacity building and background paper investigates newspaper and official reports as well as scholarly papers on the evidence available for a newly emerging trans-Atlantic smuggling pathway from South America to the coasts of Africa and Europe. In particular it investigates and discusses in detail the evidence available for trans-Atlantic trips Narco-Submarine from South America to Europe or Africa and the new developments in Summer 2020. It uses artwork created by irregular naval warfare expert H.I. Sutton (Covert Shores). In conclusion this paper calls for a higher awareness and better vigilance and better coordination of law enforcement administrations (coast guards, customs services, police, naval forces) for this existing way of irregular naval warfare and drug smuggling from South America to Africa and Europe by help of Anti-Submarine technology such as anti-submarine aircrafts, anti-submarine naval ships, drones, satellites and the use of naval forces such as the coast guards in coordinated operations in Europe and Africa in order to combat global drug smuggling.
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