Working Papers on Population, Family and Welfare, Hungarian Demographic Research Institute

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2021 Multi-population models to handle mortality crises in forecasting mortality: A case study from HungaryTóth, Csaba G.
2021 Mixed-ethnic partnerships and ethnic reproduction among Roma women in HungarySzabó, Laura
2020 Global and local correlations of Hajnal's historical household formation markers: A geographically weighted approachSzołtysek, Mikołaj; Ogórek, Bartosz
2020 Fertility of Roma minorities in Central and Eastern EuropeSzabó, Laura; Kiss, Igor; Sprocha, Branislav; Spéder, Zsolt
2020 The transfer cost of parenthood in EuropeGál, Róbert Iván; Medgyesi, Márton; Vanhuysse, Pieter
2019 Participation and Postponed Retirement in Central and Eastern EuropeGál, Róbert Iván; Radó, Márta
2019 Conceptual framework. Growing Up in Hungary - Cohort '18 Hungarian birth cohort studyVeroszta, Zsuzsanna
2018 Technical report. Growing Up in Hungary - Cohort '18 Hungarian birth cohort study. Prenatal research, preparational phaseVeroszta, Zsuzsanna
2017 Selection of migrants and realization of migration intentions - lessons from a panel studyGödri, Irén; Feleky, Gábor Attila
2017 Financing the lifecycle or mitigating poverty: Redistribution in the Hungarian welfare system by age and incomeGál, Róbert Iván; Medgyesi, Márton
2017 Sailing close to the wind? The effects of third birth policies in post-communist Hungary.Spéder, Zsolt; Murinkó, Lívia; Oláh, Lívia Sz.
2016 The Hungarian Longitudinal Growth Study: From birth to the age of 18 yearsJoubert, Kálmán; Gyenis, Gyula
2016 Suicide in the Hungarian KingdomBálint, Lajos
2016 The savings gap in HungaryGál, Róbert Iván; Törzsök, Árpád
2016 Pro-elderly welfare states within pro-child societies: Incorporating family cash and time into intergenerational transfers analysis.Gál, Róbert Iván; Vanhuysse, Pieter; Vargha, Lili
2015 Studying emigration by extending a large-scale household survey. Methodology, evaluation and descriptive findingsBlaskó, Zsuzsa
2015 Household production and consumption over the lifecycle: the National Time Transfer Accounts in 14 European countriesVargha, Lili; Gál, Róbert Iván; Crosby-Nagy, Michelle O.
2014 Immigration or emigration country? Migration trends and their socio-economic background in Hungary: A longer-term historical perspective.Gödri, Irén; Soltész, Béla; Bodacz-Nagy, Boróka
2014 Residence patterns in nineteenth century Hungary: Evidence from the Hungarian MOSAIC sample.Őri, Péter; Pakot, Levente
2013 The age-profile of invisible transfers: the true size of asymmetry in inter-age reallocationsGál, Róbert Iván; Szabó, Endre; Vargha, Lili
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37