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Ferrandis, Jesús
Feijóo, Claudio
Ramos, Sergio
ITS Online Event, 14-17 June 2020
This paper investigates the high-speed broadband situation in the EU and its prospects. Then it uses a deployment model to estimate the investment required in order to meet the European Gigabit Society (EGS) broadband targets set by the European Commission, aiming at ensuring the availability and take-up of very high capacity fixed and wireless networks, in both urban and rural areas, among households and main socio-economic drivers. The model uses data at the NUTS3 level, which is the most granular level that has data available on the status of broadband deployment, to arrive at a coherent and comparable framework. From the different perspectives on the investment to meet EGS targets, the paper concludes on the need to identify new public and private sources of investment and the case to attract them into the broadband business arena, since expected investment from incumbent and alternative operators would not be enough to fill the gap.
Conference Paper
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