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Adomako-Boateng, Fred
Agada-Amade, Yakubu
Alcantara, Arturo Clemente
Althauser, Caren
Barasa, Edwine W.
Cashin, Cheryl
Manatad de Claro, Vergil
Abrenica Diaz, Gilda Salvacion
Dsane-Selby, Lydia
Effah, Stanley Wilson
Ehsan, Fauziah Zainal
Bin Kamarudin, Mohd Fozl
Gakombe, Kanyenje Karangaita
Githinjl, Joseph
Lifclu, Maria
Luong, To Hong
Ly, Ousmane
Madeiros, Donna
Mohammed, Balarabe
Nair, Arun B.
Nelson, Edward Peregrino
Orbih, Donald
Phuong, Nguyen Khanh
Ogink, Alice
Taylor, Chelsea
Tsilaajav, Tsolmongerel
Viet, Nguyen Tuan
Bin Abd Wahab, Muhammed Anis
Waiganjo, John
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This toolkit seeks to address the gap in data utilization by providing guidance and tools based on practical experience to help countries implement provider payment monitoring systems that use claims and/or other routine administrative data. Such a monitoring system can: 1) generate indicators and analytic reports to monitor whether provider payment systems are achieving service delivery and other objectives or leading to unintended consequences, 2) point to particular services, providers, or other areas that warrant deeper analysis, 3) alert purchasers if modifications to the payment systems design and implementation may be needed, and 4) support ongoing dialogue among purchasers, providers, and other stakeholders that can lead to better health service delivery and help refine provider payment systems.
provider payment
data analytics
universal health coverage
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