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2023 Complex Europe: Quantifying the cost of disintegrationFelbermayr, Gabriel; Gröschl, Jasmin Katrin; Heiland, Inga
2023 NATO defense spending in 2023: Implications one year after Russia's invasion of UkraineDorn, Florian; Potrafke, Niklas; Schlepper, Marcel
2023 Has the time come for excess profit taxes?Hebous, Shafik
2023 The effect of subject-specific teacher qualifications on student science achievementFreundl, Vera; Sancassani, Pietro
2023 Working from home around the globe: 2023 ReportAksoy, Cevat Giray; Barrero, Jose Maria; Bloom, Nicholas; Davis, Steven J.; Dolls, Mathias; Zarate, Pablo
2023 The role of income support systems as income stabilizers in times of crisisDolls, Mathias; Lay, Max
2023 The interplay of interest rates and debt-financed government spendingDahlby, Bev G.; Ferede, Ergete
2022 Cutting through the value chain: The long-run effects of decoupling the East from the WestFelbermayr, Gabriel; Mahlkow, Hendrik; Sandkamp, Alexander-Nikolai
2022 Intentions to stay and employment prospects of refugees from UkrainePanchenko, Tetyana; Poutvaara, Panu
2022 Corporate taxes reduce investment: New evidence from GermanyLink, Sebastian; Menkhoff, Manuel; Peichl, Andreas; Schüle, Paul
2022 How dependent Is Germany on raw material imports? An analysis of inputs to produce key technologiesFlach, Lisandra; Gourevich, Isabella; Grandum, Leif; Scheckenhofer, Lisa; Teti, Feodora
2022 Reforming economic governance in the Eurozone: Shifting spending instead of expanding debt marginsFuest, Clemens
2022 Reactions to supply chain disruptions: Evidence from German firmsAksoy, Cevat Giray; Baur, Andreas; Flach, Lisandra; Javorcik, Beata K. Smarzynska
2021 Who will pay amount A?Devereux, Michael P.; Simmler, Martin
2021 Taxing the residual profit of multinational enterprises: A critique of formulaic apportionment and a proposalRichter, Wolfram F.
2021 How fast must vaccination campaigns proceed in order to beat rising Covid-19 infection numbers?Gros, Claudius; Gros, Daniel
2021 Incentives for accelerating the production of Covid-19 vaccines in the presence of adjustment costsGros, Claudius; Gros, Daniel
2021 High public debt in an uncertain world: Post-Covid-19 dangers for public financeGros, Daniel
2021 All for one and one for green energy: Community renewable investments in EuropeAzarova, Valeriya; Cohen, Jed; Kollmann, Andrea; Reichl, Johannes
2021 What is the substance-based carve-out under Pillar 2? And how will it affect tax competition?Gros, Daniel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 53