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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Structural Reforms and Income Inequality: Who Benefits From Market-Oriented Reforms?Gründler, Klaus; Potrafke, Niklas; Wochner, Timo
2020 Is Immigration Necessary for Italy? Is it Desirable?Bonatti, Luigi
2020 Self-selection and Motivations of Emigrants from a Welfare StateKauppinen, Ilpo; Nikolka, Till; Poutvaara, Panu
2020 Supporting firm innovation and R&D: What is the optimal policy mix?Güçeri, İrem; Köthenbürger, Marko; Simmler, Martin
2019 A Primer on Developing European Public GoodsFuest, Clemens; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2019 The Surprising Sluggishness of French Exports: Reviewing Competitiveness and its DeterminantsEmlinger, Charlotte; Jean, Sébastien; Vicard, Vincent
2019 Sectoral Reallocations, Real Estate Shocks and Productivity Divergence in Europe: a Tale of Three CountriesGrjebine, Thomas; Héricourt, Jérôme; Tripier, Fabien
2019 Towards more feasible sovereign debt restructurings in the euro areaEidam, Frederik; Heinemann, Friedrich
2019 An Unemployment Re-Insurance Scheme for the Eurozone? Stabilizing and Redistributive EffectsDolls, Mathias
2019 The design of a sovereign debt restructuring mechanism for the euro area: Choices and trade-offsDestais, Christophe; Eidam, Frederik; Heinemann, Friedrich
2019 How to revive productivity growth?Jona-Lasinio, Cecilia; Schiavo, Stefano; Weyerstrass, Klaus
2018 What a feeling?! How to promote ‘European Identity'Ciaglia, Sarah; Fuest, Clemens; Heinemann, Friedrich
2018 The Effects of Immigration in Developed Countries: Insights from Recent Economic ResearchEdo, Anthony; Ragot, Lionel; Rapoport, Hillel; Sardoschau, Sulin; Steinmayr, Andreas
2018 Dissecting the EU's Recent Anti-Tax Avoidance Measures: Merits and ProblemsCollier, Richard; Kari, Seppo; Ropponen, Olli; Simmler, Martin; Todtenhaup, Maximilian
2018 Which Role for a European Minister of Economy and Finance in a European Fiscal Union?Asatryan, Zareh; Debrun, Xavier; Havlik, Annika; Heinemann, Friedrich; Kocher, Martin G.; Tamborini, Roberto
2018 On the EU-US Current AccountFelbermayr, Gabriel; Braml, Martin
2017 Economic Effects of Brexit on the European EconomyFelbermayr, Gabriel; Fuest, Clemens; Gröschl, Jasmin Katrin; Stöhlker, Daniel
2017 The Nature of Shocks in the Eurozone and Their Absorption ChannelsAlcidi, Cinzia; Dolls, Mathias; Fuest, Clemens; Krolage, Carla; Neumeier, Florian
2017 The Future of Eurozone Fiscal GovernanceDelatte, Anne-Laure; Fuest, Clemens; Gros, Daniel; Heinemann, Friedrich; Kocher, Martin; Tamborini, Roberto
2017 The German Current Account Surplus: Where Does It Come From, Is It Harmful and Should Germany Do Something about It?Felbermayr, Gabriel; Fuest, Clemens; Wollmershäuser, Timo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20