European Journal of Government and Economics (EJGE), Universidade da Coruña

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Governance and Domestic Investment in AfricaIheonu, Chimere Okechukwu
2019 The evaluation index improvement for the relocation of research equipmentYoon, Donghun
2019 The Relationship Between Corporate Tax Rate and Economic Growth During the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from a Panel VARÖz Yalaman, Gamze
2019 Economic Analysis of Supply Functions, Private Returns to Investment in Education and Skill Mismatch in EgyptBiltagy, Marwa Shibl
2019 Social capital and banking system profitability: A survey of European Union countriesNayebyazdi, Arash
2019 Give me liberty or give me money: the fiscal decentralization and autonomy of regional governance in SlovakiaMihálik, Jaroslav; Horváth, Peter; Švikruha, Martin
2019 FDI in Selected Developing Countries: Evidence from Bundling and Unbundling GovernanceAsongu, Simplice
2019 Restructuring the European VAT tax system: advantages and disadvantages of the adoption of a single-rate model - a study based on the Portuguese caseCatarino, João Ricardo; Moraes e Soares, Ricardo
2019 Why regions fail (or succeed). The Role of Government Institutions in the Long-RunBonanno, Filippo
2019 Residents' attitudes towards different tourist offers: Maldonado-Punta del Este conurbation (Uruguay)Ramón Cardona, José; Álvarez Bassi, Daniel; Sánchez-Fernández, María Dolores
2019 The Impact of CRD IV on Bank LendingHuhtilainen, Matias
2018 Why the current Peak in Populism in the US and Europe? Populism as a Deviation in the Median Voter TheoremFigueira, Filipa
2018 Transparency and local government corruption: what does lack of transparency hide?Jiménez, Juan Luis; Albalate, Daniel
2018 Exchange policy credibility through the lens of the carry trade: The Mexican peso and the Brazilian realFernández-Herraiz, Carlos; Prado Domínguez, Antonio Javier; Pateiro-Rodriguez, Carlos; Garcia-Iglesias, Jesus M.
2018 Deciding on Financial Renegotiation in Public-Private Partnership ProjectsRisso, Wiston
2018 Regulating labour platforms, the data deficitHawley, Adrian John
2018 The impact of port governance and infrastructures on maritime containerized trade on the West Coast of Latin AmericaLopez-Bermudez, Beatriz; Freire-Seoane, María Jesús; de la Peña Zarzuelo, Ignacio
2018 Contemporary decision-making of mid-size city in the Czech Republic using Multiple Criteria Decision-makingHaile, Meaza Birhane; Mastalka, Martin
2018 Path - Dependence and European Fisheries ManagementMartín Palmero, Federico; González Laxe, Fernando
2018 The challenge of measuring poverty and inequality: a comparative analysis of the main indicatorsMartín-Legendre, Juan Ignacio
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 78