European Journal of Government and Economics (EJGE), Universidade da Coruña

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2019 Governance and Domestic Investment in AfricaIheonu, Chimere Okechukwu
2019 Residents' attitudes towards different tourist offers: Maldonado-Punta del Este conurbation (Uruguay)Ramón Cardona, José; Álvarez Bassi, Daniel; Sánchez-Fernández, María Dolores
2019 Social capital and banking system profitability: A survey of European Union countriesNayebyazdi, Arash
2019 The evaluation index improvement for the relocation of research equipmentYoon, Donghun
2019 Give me liberty or give me money: the fiscal decentralization and autonomy of regional governance in SlovakiaMihálik, Jaroslav; Horváth, Peter; Švikruha, Martin
2019 Economic Analysis of Supply Functions, Private Returns to Investment in Education and Skill Mismatch in EgyptBiltagy, Marwa Shibl
2019 FDI in Selected Developing Countries: Evidence from Bundling and Unbundling GovernanceAsongu, Simplice
2019 Restructuring the European VAT tax system: advantages and disadvantages of the adoption of a single-rate model - a study based on the Portuguese caseCatarino, João Ricardo; Moraes e Soares, Ricardo
2019 Why regions fail (or succeed). The Role of Government Institutions in the Long-RunBonanno, Filippo
2019 The Impact of CRD IV on Bank LendingHuhtilainen, Matias
2019 The Relationship Between Corporate Tax Rate and Economic Growth During the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from a Panel VARÖz Yalaman, Gamze
2018 Deciding on Financial Renegotiation in Public-Private Partnership ProjectsRisso, Wiston
2018 Do Government Revenues Matter for Economic Growth? Evidence from NigeriaRaifu, Isiaka Akande; Raheem, Abiodun Najeem
2018 Regulating labour platforms, the data deficitHawley, Adrian John
2018 Why the current Peak in Populism in the US and Europe? Populism as a Deviation in the Median Voter TheoremFigueira, Filipa
2018 Path - Dependence and European Fisheries ManagementMartín Palmero, Federico; González Laxe, Fernando
2018 The impact of port governance and infrastructures on maritime containerized trade on the West Coast of Latin AmericaLopez-Bermudez, Beatriz; Freire-Seoane, María Jesús; de la Peña Zarzuelo, Ignacio
2018 The challenge of measuring poverty and inequality: a comparative analysis of the main indicatorsMartín-Legendre, Juan Ignacio
2018 Contemporary decision-making of mid-size city in the Czech Republic using Multiple Criteria Decision-makingHaile, Meaza Birhane; Mastalka, Martin
2018 Transparency and local government corruption: what does lack of transparency hide?Jiménez, Juan Luis; Albalate, Daniel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 78