International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility (JCSR), SpringerOpen

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2023Responsible government and responsible business: The challenge of harnessing CSR in a new epochTaylor, Ian
2023Towards a definition of sustainable banking: A consolidated approach in the context of guidelines and strategiesRiegler, Markus
2023When and where does it pay to be green? A look into socially responsible investing and the cost of equity capitalWang, Yanbing; Delgado, Michael S.; Xu, Jin
2023Is capital structure associated with corporate social responsibility?Hsu, Shu-Chen; Wu, Kun-Tsung; Wang, Qing; Chang, Yuan
2023Corporate social responsibility communication in the ICT sector: Digital issues, greenwashing, and materialityFamularo, Jordan
2023How Corporate Sociopolitical Activism (CSA) impacts portfolio allocations: An experimentEnete, Shane; Sturr, Tim
2023Synthesising synergies between CSR and BHR for corporate accountability: An integrated approachTamvada, Mallika
2023Challenges of CSR in Sub-Saharan Africa: Clarifying the gaps between the regulations and human rights issuesNtoutoume, Achille Gildas Ndong
2022Corporate social responsibility: A strategy for social and territorial sustainabilityCarrera, Letizia
2022"Issues emanating from business impact on climate, environmental sustainability and CSR (corporate social responsibility): Steps towards pragmatism in extant realities": "Brand translation to equity from 'CSR as a potential tool in climate change mitigation and enhancing financial performances in organizations". Brand translation to equityAdewole, Olukorede
2022How does CSR of food company affect customer loyalty in the context of COVID-19: A moderated mediation modelZhang, N.
2022New corporate social responsibility brand evaluation in a developing country: UzbekistanAtaniyazova, Zamira; Friedman, Barry; Kiran, Prabha
2022Wheat and chaff: The degree to which strategic management principles are integrated within corporate social responsibility reporting among large Canadian firmsFuller, Mark
2022Sustainability performance indicator trends: A Canadian industry-based analysisCoulmont, Michel; Berthelot, Sylvie; Gagné, Vincent
2022ESG in the boardroom: Evidence from the Malaysian marketKamaludin, Kamilah; Izani Ibrahim; Sundarasen, Sheela; Faizal, Ova
2021The long-term transformation of the concept of CSR: Towards a more comprehensive emphasis on sustainabilityAslaksen, Hildegunn Mellesmo; Hildebrandt, Clare; Johnsen, Hans Christian Garmann
2021Impact of strategic management, corporate social responsibility on firm performance in the post mandate period: Evidence from IndiaMitra, Nayan
2021Do millennials pay attention to corporate social responsibility in comparison to previous generations? Are they motivated to lead in times of transformation? A qualitative review of generations, CSR and work motivationRank, Susanne; Contreras, Francoise
2021Microfinance institutions' operational self-sufficiency in sub-Saharan Africa: Empirical evidenceRemer, Laxmi; Kattilakoski, Hanna
2021Green bonds issuance: Insights in low- and middle-income countriesNtsama, Ursule Yvanna Otek; Chen, Yan; Nasiri, Alireza; Mboungam, Abdel Hamid Mbouombouo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 80