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dc.contributor.authorDunlevy, James A.en_US
dc.contributor.authorHutchinson, William K.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe belief that immigrants generate beneficial externalities in their host countries, specificallyin the form of an increased opportunity and ability of firms to expand their foreign trade, hasrecently been challenged by George Borjas in Heaven?s Door (1999, p. 97) as having noempirical support. Borjas? assertion ignores several recent papers that provide precisely thatevidence of a powerful pro-trade effect of international migration. Here we extend that bodyof evidence by looking to history. We show that immigration, primarily from Europe between1870 and 1910, had an important pro-trade effect on American exports. Our data set spansthe exports of 44 commodities to 17 countries observed at 5 year intervals. We use amodified gravity model to examine the migrant stock-export relationship and find that UnitedStates exports to a country were positively related to the size of the migrant stock ofimmigrants from that country. The estimated strength of the effect varied across ?Old?Europe, ?New? Europe, and non-Europe groupings of the trading partner countries. Exportswere also found to have been greater to English-speaking countries, and to countries withper capita incomes similar to the United States. This relative per capita income effect becamestronger during the latter part of the period, whereas the migrant stock effect diminished after1885.en_US
dc.publisher|aInstitute for the Study of Labor (IZA) |cBonnen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries|aIZA Discussion paper series |x375en_US
dc.subject.keywordEthnic networksen_US
dc.subject.keywordinformation and trust bridgesen_US
dc.subject.keywordgravity modelen_US
dc.subject.keywordexport promotionen_US
dc.subject.keywordHeckscher-Ohlin modelen_US
dc.subject.keywordLinder modelen_US
dc.subject.stwInternationale Wanderungen_US
dc.subject.stwEthnische Gruppeen_US
dc.subject.stwSocial Capitalen_US
dc.titleThe Pro-Trade Effect of Immigration on American Exports During the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuriesen_US
dc.typeWorking Paperen_US

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