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2022 Teacher Labor Market Equilibrium and Student AchievementBates, Michael; Dinerstein, Michael; Johnston, Andrew C.; Sorkin, Isaac
2022 Other-Regarding Preferences and Redistributive PoliticsFehr, Ernst; Epper, Thomas; Senn, Julien
2022 Causality and EconometricsHeckman, James J.; Pinto, Rodrigo
2022 Air Quality and SuicidePersico, Claudia L; Marcotte, Dave E.
2022 What's Another Day? The Effects of Wait Time for Substance Abuse Treatment on Health-Care Utilization, Employment and CrimeWilliams, Jenny; Bretteville-Jensen, Anne Line
2022 Is Inconsistent Reporting of Self-Assessed Health Persistent and Systematic? Evidence from the UKHLSDavillas, Apostolos; de Oliveira, Victor Hugo; Jones, Andrew M.
2022 Has the Willingness to Work Fallen during the COVID Pandemic?Faberman, Jason; Mueller, Andreas I.; Sahin, Aysegül
2022 The Pro Bono Penalty: Extracurricular Activities and Demographic Disparities in Bar Exam SuccessBirdsall, Christopher; Gershenson, Seth
2022 Cumulative Climate Shocks and Migratory Flows: Evidence from Sub-Saharan AfricaDi Falco, Salvatore; Kis, Anna B.; Viarengo, Martina
2022 The Long-Run Effects of College Remedial EducationDe Benedetto, Marco Alberto; De Paola, Maria; Scoppa, Vincenzo; Smirnova, Janna
2022 Heterogeneous Peer Effects under Endogenous Selection: An Application to Local and Migrant Children in Elementary Schools in ShanghaiChen, Yuanyuan; Feng, Shuaizhang; Yang, Chao
2022 Gender Differences in Reference Letters: Evidence from the Economics Job MarketEberhardt, Markus; Facchini, Giovanni; Rueda, Valeria
2022 Artificial Intelligence and Reduced SMEs' Business Risks. A Dynamic Capabilities Analysis during the COVID-19 PandemicDrydakis, Nick
2022 An Impact Assessment of ESF Training Courses for Unemployed in the Province of BolzanoPastore, Francesco; Pompili, Marco
2022 A Bridge to Graduation: Post-secondary Effects of an Alternative Pathway for Students Who Fail High School Exit ExamsLincove, Jane Arnold; Mata, Catherine; Cortes, Kalena E.
2022 Limbo or Leverage? Asylum Waiting and Refugee IntegrationAslund, Olof; Engdahl, Mattias; Rosenqvist, Olof
2022 To Work or Not to Work? Effects of Temporary Public Employment on Future Employment and BenefitsMörk, Eva; Ottosson, Lillit; Vikman, Ulrika
2022 Can Interactive Online Training Make High School Students More Entrepreneurial? Experimental Evidence from RwandaLafortune, Jeanne; Pugatch, Todd; Tessada, José; Ubfal, Diego
2022 Firms' Inflation Expectations: New Evidence from FranceSavignac, Frédérique; Gautier, Erwan; Gorodnichenko, Yuriy; Coibion, Olivier
2022 Do Wages Grow with Experience? Deciphering the Russian PuzzleChernina, Eugenia; Gimpelson, Vladimir
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 15134
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