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2020 Working Too Much for Too Little: Stochastic Rewards Cause Work AddictionCorgnet, Brice; Gächter, Simon; González, Roberto Hernán
2020 Long-Run Trends in the U.S. SES-Achievement GapHanushek, Eric A.; Peterson, Paul E.; Talpey, Laura M.; Woessmann, Ludger
2020 Recoupling Economic and Social ProsperityLima de Miranda, Katharina; Snower, Dennis J.
2020 The Wealth of Parents: Trends over Time in Assortative Mating Based on Parental WealthWagner, Sander; Boertien, Diederik; Gørtz, Mette
2020 State Medicaid Expansion and the Self-EmployedLee, Jun Yeong; Winters, John V.
2020 Between Firm Changes in Earnings Inequality: The Dominant Role of Industry EffectsHaltiwanger, John C.; Spletzer, James R.
2020 Career Consequences of Firm Heterogeneity for Young Workers: First Job and Firm SizeArellano-Bover, Jaime
2020 Forward Guidance and Household ExpectationsCoibion, Olivier; Georgarakos, Dimitris; Gorodnichenko, Yuriy; Weber, Michael
2020 Efficient Targeting in Childhood InterventionsPaul, Alexander; Bleses, Dorthe; Rosholm, Michael
2020 Dynamic Incentives in Retirement Earnings-Replacement BenefitsDean, Andres; Fleitas, Sebastian; Zerpa, Mariana
2020 Signaling and Employer Learning with InstrumentsAryal, Gaurab; Bhuller, Manudeep; Lange, Fabian
2020 Rethinking Specialisation and the Sexual Division of Labour in the 21st CenturySiminski, Peter; Yetsenga, Rhiannon
2020 The Dependent Coverage Mandate Took a Bite Out of CrimeFone, Zachary S.; Friedson, Andrew I.; Lipton, Brandy; Sabia, Joseph J.
2020 Does Emigration Affect Pro-Environmental Behaviour Back Home? A Long-Term, Local-Level PerspectiveIvlevs, Artjoms
2020 Teacher Labor Markets in Developing CountriesCrawfurd, Lee; Pugatch, Todd
2020 Do Women Shy Away from Public Speaking? A Field ExperimentDe Paola, Maria; Lombardo, Rosetta; Pupo, Valeria; Scoppa, Vincenzo
2020 Personal Belief Exemptions for School-Entry Vaccinations, Vaccination Rates, and Academic AchievementHair, Nicole L.; Gruber, Anja; Urban, Carly
2020 Revisiting Economic Assimilation of Mexican and Central Americans Immigrants in the United StatesPeri, Giovanni; Rutledge, Zachariah
2020 The Cultural Origin of Saving BehaviorCosta-Font, Joan; Giuliano, Paola; Ozcan, Berkay
2020 Consumer Debt and Default: A Macro PerspectiveExler, Florian; Tertilt, Michèle
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 13178
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