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2024Birds of a Feather Earn Together. Gender and Peer Effects at the WorkplaceMessina, Julián; Sanz-de-Galdeano, Anna; Terskaya, Anastasia
2024How Daycare Quality Shapes Norms around Daycare Use and Parental Employment: Experimental Evidence from GermanyPhilipp, Marie-Fleur; Büchau, Silke; Schober, Pia S.; Werner, Viktoria; Spieß, C. Katharina
2024On the Impact of Oil Prices on Sectoral Inflation: Evidence from World's Top Oil Exporters and ImportersSalem, Leila Ben; Nouira, Ridha; Rault, Christophe
2024Adversarial Economic Preferences Predict Right-Wing VotingBuser, Thomas
2024Convergence of Inequality Dimensions in China: Income, Consumption, and Wealth from 1988 to 2018Wan, Haiyuan; Gustafsson, Björn Anders; Wang, Yingfei
2024Unintended Consequences? The Changing Composition of Immigration to the UK after BrexitPortes, Jonathan
2024Factor Shares, Redistribution and Growth in a Captured DemocracyVindigni, Andrea
2024Measuring Job Risks When Hedonic Wage Models Do Not Do the JobFerreira, Susana; Martinez-de-Morentin, Sara; Erro-Garcés, Amaya
2024Homeward Bound: How Migrants Seek Out Familiar ClimatesObolensky, Marguerite; Tabellini, Marco; Taylor, Charles A.
2024The Role of Friends in the Opioid EpidemicAdamopoulou, Effrosyni; Greenwood, Jeremy; Guner, Nezih; Kopecky, Karen A.
2024A Scalable Approach to High-Impact Tutoring for Young Readers: Results of a Randomized Controlled TrialCortes, Kalena E.; Kortecamp, Karen; Loeb, Susanna; Robinson, Carly D.
2024Firms and Worker HealthAhammer, Alexander; Packham, Analisa; Smith, Jonathan
2024Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change: Economic Impacts and Adaptation PoliciesFerreira, Susana
2024AI Unboxed and Jobs: A Novel Measure and Firm-Level Evidence from Three CountriesEngberg, Erik; Görg, Holger; Lodefalk, Magnus; Javed, Farrukh; Längkvist, Martin; Monteiro, Natália Pimenta; Kyvik Nordås, Hildegunn; Schroeder, Sarah; Tang, Aili
2024Name-Based Estimators of Intergenerational MobilitySantavirta, Torsten; Stuhler, Jan
2024What Works and for Whom? Effectiveness and Efficiency of School Capital Investments across the U.S.Biasi, Barbara; Lafortune, Julien; Schönholzer, David
2024COVID-19 Vaccine and Risk-TakingSmart, Shanike J.; Polachek, Solomon
2024Corporate Globalization and Worker RepresentationJirjahn, Uwe
2024Assessing Labor Market Conditions in Canada with Public-Use MicrodataLalé, Etienne
2024Using Life Satisfaction and Happiness Data for Environmental Valuation: An Experienced Preference ApproachFerreira, Susana; Moro, Mirko; Welsch, Heinz
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 16933
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