Bank of Finland Scientific Monographs

ISSN: 1798-1085

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 The role of expectations in euro area inflation dynamicsPaloviita, Maritta
2005 Liquidity, risks and speed in payment and settlement systems: a simulation approachLeinonen, Harry
2004 Performance of international securities marketsSchmiedel, Heiko
2004 Essays on financial crises in emerging marketsKomulainen, Tuomas
2004 Essays on financial contractingVauhkonen, Jukka
2003 Effects of moral hazard and monitoring policy transmissionTopi, Jukka
2003 Central bank tenders: Three essays on money market liquidity auctionsVälimäki, Tuomas
2003 Price setting behavior in an open economy and the determination of Finnish foreign trade pricesFreystätter, Hanna
2003 On robust ESACF identification of mixed ARIMA modelsHella, Heikki
2002 Edge: A model of the euro area with applications to monetary policyKortelainen, Mika
2001 Models of currency crises with banking sector and imperfectly competitive labor marketsShen, Jian-Guang
2001 Studies in time series analysis of consumption, asset prices and forecastingTakala, Kari
2000 The political economy of monetary policy and wage bargaining: Theory and econometric evidenceKilponen, Juha
2000 Technological transformation and retail banking competition: Implications and measurementVesala, Jukka
2000 The microeconomics of innovation: Oligopoly theoretic analyses with applications to banking and patentingKauko, Karlo
1999 Ilmoitusvelvollisten osakeomistus ja -kaupat Helsingin PörssissäKasanen, Juha
1999 Measuring exchange market pressure and central bank interventionSpolander, Mikko
1999 Pankkisääntely ja valvonta: Oikeuspoliittinen tutkimus säästöpankkien riskinotostaHalme, Liisa
1998 Analysis of financial risks in a GARCH frameworkAhlstedt, Monica
1998 Demand for money in inflation-targeting monetary policyRipatti, Antti
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 52