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Renold, Ursula
Bolli, Thomas
Oswald-Egg, Maria Esther
Pusterla, Filippo
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KOF Studien 117
The KOF Youth Labour Market Index (KOF YLMI) is a multidimensional tool that allows analysing the situation on the labour market of young people aged 15 to 24 for 178 countries. The twelve indictors composing the index offer a more complete picture than the simple comparisons of for example the youth unemployment rate. Skills Development Scotland (SDS) commissioned the KOF Swiss Economic Institute to construct a tailor-made version of the KOF YLMI for Scotland. The aim is to develop a tool, which allows comparing the Scottish youth labour market with the situation in other countries. Furthermore, the development of the KOF YLMI for Scotland gives the opportunity to analyse various aspects of the youth labour market situation in Scotland. Evidence gained by this in-depth analysis represents a starting point for policy interventions
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Research Report

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