09th International Symposium "Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - Realities and Perspectives for Romania", Bucharest, 2018

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Bioeconomy concept: Challenges and perspectives for agricultureRodino, Steliana
2018 The effect of the accession to the European Union on the ecolution of Romania's cereal sectorKruzslicika, Mihaela
2018 Taking a closer look at rural educationRusu, Marioara
2018 The analysis of the technico-economic indicators for the main crops in the S-W Region between 2009-2017Turek-Rahoveanu, Petruța
2018 Romanian milk sector in international contextChetroiu, Rodica
2018 The evolution of Maize production in RomaniaPopescu, Mihai; Cristea, Stelica; Chiriac, Andreea-Raluca; Ţeican, Daniela-Ioana
2018 Research on the influence of fertilization on yield and economic efficiency at soya cultureŞimon, Alina; Cheţan, Felicia; Popa, Alin
2018 The evolution of sunflower crops in Romania in the context of the pre- and post-accession to the European UnionChiriac, Andreea-Raluca; Cristea, Stelica; Popescu, Mihai; Rîşnoveanu, Luxiţa
2018 Vegetable farm structure evolution by standard outputAlboiu, Cornelia
2018 The influence of grapes production and consumption on the price in RomaniaNica, Maria
2018 The evolution of the technical and economic indicators for crop rice in Romania period 2006-2016Bădan, Daniela Nicoleta
2018 Study on the evolution of olive price in RomaniaPetre, Ionut Laurentiu
2018 The influence of meteorological factors on the production of maize crop in the South-Muntenia regionBădan, Daniela Nicoleta
2018 The dynamics of the production in Romanian soya culture in 2010-2016Brǎtulescu, Alexandra-Marina
2018 Study of the Romanian sugar beet market in the period 2010-2016Brǎtulescu, Alexandra-Marina; Creţu, Diana
2018 Study on the tomato market in Romania in 2012-2017Dumitru, Eduard Alexandru; Şurcǎ, Elena Daniela
2018 Research on the validate of wheat production in the context of measures entreprised for the extension of market mechanismsCofas, Elena
2018 The dynamics of maize production in the climate factors variability conditionsCofas, Elena
2018 Egg's market study in Romania in 2011-2016 periodCreţu, Diana
2018 Applying the marketing mix to the analysis of the barley market in the European contextCofas, Elena
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 49