wiiw Working Papers, The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Financial cycles in Europe: Dynamics, synchronicity and implications for business cycles and macroeconomic imbalancesAdarov, Amat
2019 Dying Light: War and Trade of the Separatist-Controlled Areas of UkraineKochnev, Artem
2019 The impact of income inequality on household indebtedness in euro area countriesJestl, Stefan
2018 Eurasian Economic Integration: Impact Evaluation Using the Gravity Model and the Synthetic Control MethodsAdarov, Amat
2018 The Impact of Chinese Technical Barriers to Trade on its Manufacturing ImportsGhodsi, Mahdi
2018 Measuring Economic OpennessGräbner, Claudius; Heimberger, Philipp; Kapeller, Jakob; Springholz, Florian
2018 Migration and FDI FlowsFoster-McGregor, Neil; Landesmann, Michael; Mara, Isilda
2018 What Explains Austria's Export Market Performance?Heimberger, Philipp
2018 Immigration and OffshoringLandesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sandra M.
2018 Avoiding and Escaping the 'Commodity Trap' in DevelopmentGhodsi, Mahdi; Stehrer, Robert
2018 Immigration and InnovationLandesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sandra M.
2018 Factors Driving Wealth Inequality in European CountriesLeitner, Sebastian
2018 Structural Change in Times of Increasing OpennessGräbner, Claudius; Heimberger, Philipp; Kapeller, Jakob; Schütz, Bernhard
2018 The Dynamic Effects of Fiscal Consolidation Episodes on Income InequalityHeimberger, Philipp
2018 Inheritance Tax Regimes: A ComparisonJestl, Stefan
2018 The Relative Impact of Different Forces of Globalisation on Wage Inequality: A Fresh Look at the EU ExperienceJestl, Stefan; Leitner, Sebastian; Leitner, Sandra M.
2018 Is Austria's Economy Locked-in in the CESEE Region? Austria's Competitiveness at the Micro-levelGhodsi, Mahdi
2018 Cohesion Policy Meets Heterogeneous FirmsFattorini, Loredana; Ghodsi, Mahdi; Rungi, Armando
2018 Financial Cycles Around the WorldAdarov, Amat
2018 Eco-Innovation: Drivers, Barriers and Effects – A European PerspectiveLeitner, Sandra M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 182