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Wegman, Eduardo
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Serie Documentos de Trabajo 629
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This work of Doctoral Thesis raises and questions whether, when referring to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we are facing a fleeting fashion speech or a strong long-term vision that really discusses the way of doing business from a different starting point. From the conceptual point of view, it is assumed that there is a gap between the statements of most of the definitions investigated and their perception in practice. To this end, a research work has been carried out that addressed the very basis of the concept of Social Responsibility, providing the framework to approximate a response to the problem in question. The work, from the conceptual base of CSR, proposes a formulation focused on the concept of Alterity in the context of an approach based on the construction of a Conceptual Chain from an empirical study of the perception of CSR in Argentine companies.
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Working Paper

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