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Title (translated): 
Restructuring of livestock sector in Turkmenistan
Aganov, Stanislav
Kepbanov, Yolbars
Ovezmuradov, Gurbanmyrat
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Discussion Paper No. 189
Abstract (Translated): 
This publication, carried out within the framework of the project "Revitalising animal husbandry in Central Asia: A five-country analysis (ANICANET)", presents the main stages of reforms, the progress of restructuring in the animal husbandry of Turkmenistan, considers the main strategic documents on national policy in this sector and statistical indicators at national and province levels. Categories of agricultural producers, their contribution to livestock sector, the results of SWOT analysis of the situation in the sector, as well as current policy on farm production are presented. Among the conclusions of the research it is possible to point out the following: despite the high level of state regulation and the slow nature of practical reforms in the agricultural sector of Turkmenistan, over the last the share of private sector in the livestock sector increased as well as the the number of livestock and livestock output. The government promoted large projects inviting private entrepreneurs in the livestock sector. The analysis of the ongoing sectoral reforms allows to conclude that the programs and projects based on gradual decentralization and public-private partnership have a chance of success.
livestock sector
agricultural reforms
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Working Paper

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