JRC Working Papers in Economics and Finance, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 The Bank-Sovereign Loop and Financial Stability in the Euro AreaLangedijk, Sven; Fontana, Alessandro
2019 The intergenerational transmission of education. Evidence from the World War II cohorts in EuropeHavari, Enkelejda; Peracchi, Franco
2019 The Median Voter Takes it All: Preferences for Redistribution and Income Inequality in the EU-28Colagrossi, Marco; Karagiannis, Stelios; Raab, Roman
2019 International mobility of students in Italy and the UK. Does it pay off and for whom?Schnepf, Sylke; d'Hombres, Beatrice
2019 Employment Effect of InnovationKancs, d'Artis; Siliverstovs, Boriss
2019 Change and convergence of income distributions in the European Union during 2007-2014Cseres-Gergely, Zsombor; Kvedaras, Virmantas
2019 On the cross-sectional distribution of portfolio returnsCalès, Ludovic; Chalkis, Apostolos; Emiris, Ioannis Z.
2019 Welfare Gains from the Variety GrowthKancs, d'Artis; Persyn, Damiaan
2019 Anatomy of a Sovereign Debt Crisis: CDS Spreads and Real-Time Macroeconomic DataAlessi, Lucia; Balduzzi, Pierluigi; Savona, Roberto
2019 The pricing of green bonds: are financial institutions special?Fatica, Serena; Panzica, Roberto; Rancan, Michela
2018 Does on-the-job training help graduates find a job? Evidence from an Italian regionGhirelli, Corinna; Havari, Enkelejda; Santangelo, Giulia; Scettri, Marta
2018 The distributional effects of conventional monetary policy and quantitative easing: Evidence from an estimated DSGE modelHohberger, Stefan; Priftis, Romanos; Vogel, Lukas
2018 Banks, debt and risk: assessing the spillovers of corporate taxesFatica, Serena; Heynderickx, Wouter; Pagano, Andrea
2018 Adjustment dynamics and business cycle heterogeneity in the EMU: Evidence from estimated DSGE modelsGiovannini, Massimo; Hohberger, Stefan; Ratto, Marco; Vogel, Lukas
2018 New Risk Sharing Channels in OECD Countries: a Heterogeneous Panel VARAsdrubali, Pierfederico; Kim, Soyoung; Pericoli, Filippo; Poncela, Pilar
2018 Long-run Economic, Budgetary and Fiscal Effects of Roma Integration PoliciesCiaian, Pavel; Ivanov, Andrey; Kancs, d'Artis
2018 Unequal uptake of higher education mobility in the UK. The importance of social segregation in universities and subject areasSchnepf, Sylke
2018 Product innovation by supplying in domestic and foreign marketsBratti, Massimiliano; Felice, Giulia
2018 Employment protection, temporary contracts and firm-provided training: Evidence from ItalyBratti, Massimiliano; Conti, Maurizio; Sulis, Giovanni
2018 The Determinants of Population Growth: Literature review and empirical analysisAlvarez-Dias, Marcos; D'Hombres, Beatrice; Ghisetti, Claudia; Pontarollo, Nicola; Dijkstra, Lewis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41