JRC Digital Economy Working Papers, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

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2022Market power and artificial intelligence work on online labour marketsDuch-Brown, Néstor; Gomez-Herrera, Estrella; Müller-Langer, Frank; Tolan, Songül
2021When "the" market loses its relevance: An empirical analysis of demand-side linkages in platform ecosystemsSmichowski, Bruno Carballa; Duch-Brown, Néstor; Gomez-Losada, A.; Martens, Bertin
2021Gravity and trade in video on demand servicesBroocks, Annette; Studnicka, Zuzanna
2021Strategic data sales to competing firmsDelbono, Flavio; Reggiani, Carlo; Sandrini, Luca
2021Measuring consumer well-being from using zero price digital services: The case of navigation apps and location-based servicesSobolewski, Maciej
2021Economies of scope in the aggregation of health-related dataHöcük, Seyit; Kumar, Pradeep; Mulder, Joris; Prüfer, Patricia
2021To pool or to pull back? An economic analysis of health data poolingSmichowski, Bruno Carballa; Duch-Brown, Néstor; Martens, Bertin
2021An economic perspective on data and platform market powerMartens, Bertin
2020The economics of business-to-government data sharingMartens, Bertin; Duch Brown, Nestor
2020Data access and regime competition: A case study of car data sharing in ChinaMartens, Bertin; Zhao, Bo
2020Two-sided platforms: Dynamic pricing and multiple equilibriaRys, Przemyslaw; Sobolewski, Maciej
2020Business-to-business data sharing: An economic and legal analysisMartens, Bertin; De Streel, Alexandre; Graef, Inge; Tombal, Thomas; Duch Brown, Nestor
2020Competition problems and governance of non-personal agricultural machine data: Comparing voluntary initiatives in the US and EUAtik, Can; Martens, Bertin
2020Geo-blocking: A literature review and new evidence in online audio-visual servicesBroocks, Annette; Duch-Brown, Néstor; Gómez-Herrera, Estrella; Martens, Bertin
2020Geo-blocking regulation: An assessment of its impact on the EU Digital Single MarketAlaveras, Georgios; Duch-Brown, Néstor; Martens, Bertin
2019Is there a gender wage gap in online labour markets? Evidence from over 250,000 projects and 2.5 million wage bill proposalsGomez-Herrera, Estrella; Müller-Langer, Frank
2019Going mobile: The effects of smartphone usage on internet consumptionAguiar, Luis
2019Does data disclosure increase citations? Empirical evidence from a natural experiment in leading economics journalsMcCabe, Mark J.; Müller-Langer, Frank
2018Replication Studies in Economics: How Many and Which Papers Are Chosen for Replication, and Why?Müller-Langer, Frank; Fecher, Benedikt; Harhoff, Dietmar; Wagner, Gert G.
2018Platforms, Promotion, and Product Discovery: Evidence from Spotify PlaylistsAguiar, Luis; Waldfogel, Joel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 74