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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 The global trade environment in the Biden era and response strategies for KoreaSong, Yeongkwan
2020 Mounting Uncertainties in the Global Trade Order and Korea's Policy ResponseSong, Yeongkwan
2020 Child-centered, Play-based Education and Future CompetencyKim, Inkyung
2019 Effects of Revolving Doors in the Financial Sector: Evidence from KoreaRhee, Keeyoung; Hwang, Sunjoo
2019 Strengthening the Quality of Care Centers for Young ChildrenKim, Inkyung
2019 Conflicts in the Franchise Industry: How to Forge a Win-Win PartnershipLee, Jinkook
2019 Smart Policies for Smart FactoriesKim, Minho; Chung, Sunghoon; Lee, Changkeun
2018 Healing a Wary, Self-cultivating Society through EducationKim, Hisam
2018 Employment Effect of Minimum Wage IncreaseChoi, Kyungsoo
2018 Diminishing Role of Young Manufacturing Plants as Drivers of GrowthKim, Minho
2018 The Quantitative Growth in North Korea's Trade: Is it Enough?Kim, Kyoochul
2018 Government R&D Support for SMEs: Policy Effects and Improvement MeasuresLee, Sungho
2017 Improving Tax Expenditure: From the Perspective of an Integrated Fiscal SystemLee, Youngwook
2017 Bail-in to End the "Too Big To Fail" DilemmaHwang, Sunjoo
2017 The Sale of Treasury Stocks and Protection of Management RightsCho, Sung Ick
2017 Government Policy for the Stable Growth of the Sharing EconomyKim, Min Jung
2017 Golden Era of PB: Who Reaped the Fruits of Growth?Lee, Jinkook
2017 The Political Slant of Web Portal News and the Implications Relating to the Fake News PhenomenonChoi, Dongook
2017 The Significance of Investing in School Facilities and Measures for ReformHan, Sungmin
2017 Rental Housing Policy in Response to the Increase in the Share of Wolse (Monthly Lease)Song, Inho
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 66
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