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2024South Korea needs more big company jobsKoh, Young-sun
2023Approaches to enhance the market functionality of the K-ETSYoon, Yeochang
2023Restructuring higher education: Toward a student-led modelKoh, Young-sun
2023Assessing old-age poverty with income and assets: Generational insights and policy directionsLee, Seunghee
2023Restructuring platform merger reviewCho, Sung Ick
2023Addressing the prolonged ension gapKim, Dohun
2023Designing social protections for platform workersHan, Joseph
2023OECD average annual hours worked: Comparative analysis and implicationsKim, MinSub
2023Reshoring: A study on firm characteristics and influencing factorsChung, Sunghoon
2022Building a new safety net for sick workersKwo, Junghyun
2022Public deliberation in Korean society: Where it stands and should head towardHwang, Soo Kyeong
2021Transaction types of large retailers and policy directionsLee, Jinkook
2021The global trade environment in the Biden era and response strategies for KoreaSong, Yeongkwan
2021Improving elementary childcare system in women's growing economic participationHan, Sungmin
2020Child-centered, Play-based Education and Future CompetencyKim, Inkyung
2020Mismatches in the labor market for college graduates: Focusing on field-of-study choiceHan, Joseph
2020Mounting Uncertainties in the Global Trade Order and Korea's Policy ResponseSong, Yeongkwan
2019Smart Policies for Smart FactoriesKim, Minho; Chung, Sunghoon; Lee, Changkeun
2019Conflicts in the Franchise Industry: How to Forge a Win-Win PartnershipLee, Jinkook
2019Strengthening the Quality of Care Centers for Young ChildrenKim, Inkyung
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 80
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